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We’ll work with Housing Ministry to tackle Kasoa-Weija road flooding – Asenso-Boakye

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The Roads and Highways Minister, Francis Asenso-Boakye, says his ministry will work with the Ministry of Works and Housing to address the flooding incidents on the Mallam-Kasoa-Weija road that usually leads to massive gridlocks on that stretch.

According to him, the Ministry of Works and Housing has already dispatched engineers to assess the situation and identify the causes contributing to the flooding.

Speaking during a visit to the area, the Minister assured motorists and commuters that the government is actively working to address the challenges.

“We at the Ministry of Roads, we are at the receiving end because of the activities [that] affected our road and that is why we came in. But what I can say is that we are going to collaborate with my sister Ministry, the Ministry of Works and Housing to address the challenge.

“As a first step, the hydro officials are here. From here we are going to meet and draw up a plan to make sure that all the interventions that are being done by the respective infrastructure agencies are well coordinated to avoid what happened here on Monday,” he stressed.

The comment by the Bantama MP follows heavy traffic congestion experienced on the Kasoa stretch after Monday’s downpour.

The traffic situation, which lasted for more than 9 hours, is believed to have been caused by silt and filth getting washed onto the road by the rain.

The flooding of the road around SCC and Old Barrier resulted in vehicles from Kasoa to Mallam moving to the lane of those who were heading towards Kasoa from Mallam.

Drivers operating heavy-duty trucks bound for the Central and Western Regions had to park as the traffic situation lasted over 9 hours.

Touching on this, Mr Asenso Boakye said government is committed to finding solutions to the flooding.

He also acknowledged the significant inconvenience caused to travelers who spent hours in traffic before reaching their destinations.

“People would have wished that this had been resolved many years ago, but unfortunately, we didn’t have the funds to do it.

“But what I know is that because we didn’t have the full funding, the project was being done in phases, and as and when resources are available then we come and continue,” he said.


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