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Corruption is everywhere now; deal with it urgently – Ga Mantse to government

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The Ga Mantse, King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, has expressed his disgust over what he calls rampant corruption plaguing Ghana.

In a recent interview with Citi FM on Sunday, June 2, the King voiced his concerns about the political elite’s lavish lifestyles funded by state coffers, while the general populace continues to suffer in abject poverty.

King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II highlighted the glaring disparity between the political class and the ordinary citizens, lamenting the lack of basic amenities in rural communities.

He pointed out that while citizens struggle for basic necessities, politicians ride in luxurious V8 vehicles, showing a stark contrast in living conditions.

The King questioned the ease with which such expensive vehicles are acquired, contrasting it with the difficulty of providing essential items like dual desks in classrooms for students.

He emphasised the misplaced priorities that have led to significant socio-economic challenges for the nation’s youth.

Furthermore, King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II urged the government to take immediate and decisive action against corruption.

He stressed that addressing this issue is crucial for the welfare of the citizens, and warned that failure to do so could lead to unforeseen consequences.

It beats my mind how someone who says they love this country so much could stash so much money in their room.

“Corruption is everywhere. I believe that the government must find a way to stamp its authority on corruption,” he urged.


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