Liberia: Airport Authority Managing Director Accused of Nepotism, Corruption

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MONROVIA – As President George Manneh Weah struggles to stabilize the economy, some of his appointees, on the other hand, are creating an uneasy environment for the President’s government and the economy. This is according to some employees of one of the public entities.

President Weah’s lead appointee at the Liberia Airport Authority (LAA), who is a Pastor, is now being accused of being entangled with allegations of bad leadership, divisiveness and nepotism.

President George Manneh Weah in March 2019 appointed the former Board Chairman of LAA, Bishop Allen Klavee as the Acting Director to head the Airport Authority.

Bishop Klavee replaced Wil Bako Freeman, who resigned from the LAA recently.

Meanwhile, few weeks following Bishop Klavee’s appointment, some employees, mainly those interested at the James Springs Payne Airport in Sinkoe have expressed 2votes of no confidence” in their boss for his alleged act of nepotism, divisiveness and bad labour practice.

He is also being accused of employing his Women’s Department president, his private Secretary at the church, head of the Usher Department, and his Choir directress, all from the Jubilee Praise where he is as the Bishop of the Church.

According to aggrived employees, who begged not to be named for fear of reprisal, Bishop Klavee, upon him taking over immediately changed the Procurement Director and replaced him with another man as well as the head of Cargo was also alleged changed and replaced with the Choir Directress of Jubilee Praise.

“He also brought in Prince Shappoh to be monitoring us and carrying news to him on employees. When Prince hears any employee discussing the MD, he will carry uour name to him and when you are not careful, you will be dismissed”, an employee explained.

A FrontPageAfrica investigation has also revealed that, since Bishop Klavee was appointed in March, he has never called for a general staff meeting.
Employees of the entity have also complained of not being able to express themselves due to the cancellation of staff meetings and continous alleged threats from the “Man of God”

Another official who is in the middle of the allegations is the airport manager of the James Spriggs Payne Airport, Mr. Emmanuel Tarplah who according to these employees has joined the bishop to allegedly run the LAA “their own way”.

When the newspaper made contacts with Bishop Klayee, he told us that, his Public Relations Officer (PRO) would respond on his behalf and further promised to the number of the PRO to us.

After several reminders to the Bishop, he is yet to send the number of his PRO which we have also been waiting for the last three days for the official response from his him and outfit.

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