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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) today joins millions around the world in marking the World Environment Day.

The day is used to create global awareness and action for the protection of the environment and is celebrated on June 5th annually.

In a press release issued by the party, it indicated that, the National Democratic Congress heralded the celebration of this year’s event with a Tree planting exercise to launch the 40th anniversary commemoration of June 4th uprising.A

Adding that, the party as part of its 27th anniversary intends to plant a minimum of 27000 trees in this month of June which Mark’s our 27th anniversary, to protect our environment and also demonstrate the preparedness of the party to take measures in protecting the environment. All 275 constituencies are expected to plant at least 100 trees.

“While taking steps to protect the environment, we wish to condemn the continuous depletion of our forest reserves”, it said.

Adding, It is even more worrying that high profiled political leaders within the current government are alleged to be aiding foreigners to deplete our vegetation.

Therefore uses the occasion call on all well-meaning Ghanians, to help fight this menace of the degradation of our environment . We must all assist in bequeathing a healthier environment to the next generation.

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