Islam frowns on gossips, enmity & hatred-La Dadekotopon Chief Imam

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According to the Chief Imam for the La Dadekotopon Muslim Community, Alhaji Abrahim Leetei- Mensah backbiting, gossiping, enmity and hatred are attitudes Islam frowns upon.

Therefore made a passionate appeal to the Muslims community to eschew such attitudes among themselves.

“Islam frowns on persons who gossip and hate others but said they love Allah”, he remarked.

To him, it is of importance for Muslims to live in harmony and to allow the teachings of the Quran to reflect in their daily lives.

Alhaji Abraham Leetei-Mensah made these remarks when he led the La Dadekotopon Muslim Community in prayer at the fore court of the La Traditional Council as part of Eid-ul-Fitr Celebrations, which marked the end of Ramadan.

Alhaji Leetei-Mensah who is also the Greater Accra Regional Chief Imam for Jallo used the occasion to call on Muslims to seek the truth that will grant them eternal life.

For this, he says are the teachings of the Quran, hence very important for every Muslim to abide by it.

Meanwhile, the Manklalo of La, Nii Obodai Adai urged the Muslim youth to avoid immoral act that will undermine the Islamic religion and should live above reproach that will enable them become responsible citizens.

On his part, the Parish Priest of the La St. Maurice Catholic Church, Very Reverend Father John Newmann Tettehfio who was also present at the celebration also advised Muslims in the not to go back to their bad habits but to continue to lead holy lives as they did during the past 30 days.

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