Communal Labour: Kotoku St. Peters Church Calls For More Hands

Story by:Edudzi Gator Amenuveve

Saint (St.) Peters Catholic Church, Adjein Kotoku, a suburb of Ga West Municipality has called on other religious bodies to join hands in keeping the Kotoku Health Center clean and epidemics free.

In a clean up exercise organised by the Northern Caucus of the church in the area Brother Dominic, represetative of the Priest indicated that the exercise was a yearly programme for the various groups in the Church.

On the sideline of the exercise, he urged other religious bodies in Adjein Kotoku to emulate what his church has been doing to help keep the environment of the Community Health Post clean and safe from reptiles.

The Northern Caucus of the church like other groups docorganise clean up exercises annually around the facility as part of their contribution.

In an exclusive interview with, brother Dominic reteriated that, “the facility is for everyone in the community and such exercise is a form of prayer and ministry to the health centre where the word of God is shared with the patient.

Adding that, the church takes advantage of ensuring that that health facility and it’s environment is always clean and neat to avoid any outbreak of illness.

Meanwhile, the leader for the Northern Caucus, Diana Dasoberi-Hamid revealed that, this is not their first time of embarking on such an exercise reiterating that, the clean up exercise was also to inform the people to do same as a way of always ensuring the surroundings of the health centre are clean.

And was quick to add that it might not be a clean up exercise but anything that could help the Health Centre to run smoothly in an acceptable environment as they presented some assorted items to the facility.

“The Ewe caucus just did theirs and it was our turn to do same”, she noted.

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