Let’s give women space to make it to the top of the political ladder- Kumbungu MP.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Kumbungu, Hon. Ras Mubarak has expressed worry over the underrepresention of women recently in parliament.

“we want tomorrow’s generation to look at this parliament and say yes, these people stood up for women empowerment and have given opportunity and space to women to make it to the top of the political ladder”.

To him, the underrepresention of women issue has been a problem which this current Speaker have as well inherited; “it is a problem for parliament, a problem for all the political parties and a national problem that must not be swept under the carpet”.

Indicating that, “We stand the risk of waking up one day with an all-parliament if we do not act, others have taken action and succeeded”.

The lawmaker made these remarks on the floor of parliament during sitting yesterday.

Mr. Speaker, Rwanda for instance had the highest number of female Members of Parliament in the world, it is the first country in the world with female majority in Parliament: there are many as 61.3% for the lower chamber and 38.5% for the senate in Rwanda

“Mr. Speaker, if the whole House would agree with me that diversity delivers better decision making and if we are to give proper meaning to democracy and justice within our country, then we should be looking at ways to build a fairer society it seems unjust that in a two hundred and seventy five member chamber, only thirty -nine are female”,Hon. Ras Mubarak admonished.

Adding “Our democracy is very respected amongst our peers on the African continent and beyond”.

“We really the first Black African national  to attain independence,  we should be at the forefront of not just enough women to stand for election, but have positive discrimination strategies in place by all the political parties”, he stated.

The Lawmaker therefore recommended and encouraged the Speaker’s high office not only to conduct research into why our female counterparts do not put themselves up for public office, but to send teams of MPs, like the Young Parliamentarians Caucus and the Women Caucus and as well as the Leadership of this parliament, to countries such as Norway, which has had the gender quota system since 1983, to Brazil,  Bolivia, Rwanda, to South Korea, Sweden, Denmark and the UK to learn about the gender quota system in selecting female MPs,  and to see how parliament can help itself and the political parties to implement it.

“An increase in the  number of female MPS would bring increased focus on issues affecting women and children”.

Story By: Vida Delali Gavor

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