PURC is unfair to Consumers -Central Tongu MP

Member of Parliament (MP) for Central Tongu, Hon. Alex Gabby Hottordze has expressed worry over the recent increment of utility bills without the engagement of the public (consumers).

The Public Utility Regulation Commission (PURC) are simply financially over burdening consumers (Ghanaians), he said.

“The question one would like to ask is; who are the people who constitute the stakeholders as far as the usage and consumption of utility services are concerned”, he quizzed.

Adding that, “the key stakeholder in my estimation is the consumer:  so has (PURC) therefore, sort consents of consumers “so where and when did the PURC engage consumers before effecting increments”.

Therefore lamented that “this is the person who pays for the consumption of utility services”.

Stressing that, “Look at the grievances of consumers, take a look at the way utility services are managed, people stay in communities for days without getting access to portable water, look at the number of times electricity goes off in a day”.

Therefore means that consumers are short changed; Consumers are not being considered; when it comes to determination of utility prices, increment of utility services” Hon. Hottordze lamented.

Hon. Hottordze speaking to thenewindependentonline.com in an exclusive interview indicated that, they (PURC) claimed they merged with stakeholders before doing the increments, “which I think untrue”.

Hon. Hottordze expressed worry again that the PURC is over burdening consumers, since they are the ones thst do the payments for these services and must be involved in all decision-making levels.

“look at the number of times these utilizes do fail consumers in a day; water and electricity goes off anyhow” the Lawmaker expressed.

“PURC are being unfair to consumers; because majority of these consumers are in the informal sector and look at the the economic problems Vis-a-vis the formal sector, where they are expected to pay, meanwhile, salaries have not been increased”, the Lawmaker.

He indicated that through these number of frastration; there may be increase in insecurity and crime rates in the country.

 Story By: Delali Gavor

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