Ghana’s Law firm, Anku.Anku At-Law wins Global IPR award

Anku.Anku At-Law, one of the leading legal firms in Ghana, has been recognized for its contribution to the field of Intellectual Property (IP) at the Litigation & Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Gorilla conference held in Singapore on June 25, 2019.

The just ended IPR Gorilla conference was attended by scores of IP/Legal experts, corporate counsels and investors across the globe to discuss challenges related to the field, new trends and how IP experts can best support organisations derive value from their intellectual properties and related intangible assets.

The event, which served as a platform for professionals in the field to chart the course for IP practice in the rapidly changing business and economic global environment, culminated in the award ceremony which saw Ghana’s Anku.Anku At-Law being recognized as one of the Top 50 IPR/Legal companies globally.

Anku.Anku At-Law has been in the forefront of promoting IP in Ghana and across the continent, providing bespoke world-class business centred legal and advisory services to businesses.

Founded in 2011, the diversity of expertise and experience has positioned Anku.Anku At-Law as one of the industry leaders in the areas they specialize in.

A senior Partner at Anku.Anku At Law, Mrs. Sarah Norkor Anku who represented Ghana and her Law firm at the conference picked the award on behalf of the firm. Mrs. Anku was a special guest speaker at the conference on the topic “Enforcement of IPRs in Africa : First to file & First to use /create dichotomy and its challenges”.

Mrs. Anku, an Intellectual property expert was until recently an Assistant Registrar General at the Registrar General’s Department and the first President of Intellectual Property Network – Ghana.

She advises companies on matters relating to IP, Trademarks and Patents and has represented Ghana at different fora on matters relating to Intellectual Property Rights. She was the first Vice Chairperson for the 18th and 19th Sessions of the Standing Committee on the Law of Patents of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2012.

Anku.Anku At-Law has worked with over 100 clients in Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Agribusiness, Mining, Real Estate, among others.

Source:Foreign News Desk

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