NPP Loyal Ladies celebrate 3 years of existence

The Greater Accra Regional Chapter of  the ‘NPP Loyal Ladies’, an all ladies group has held their Regional Conference to commemorate their 3rd year anniversary in Accra over the weekend.

The conference was observed under theme: “Bridging the expectation gap between party top hierarchy and footsoldiers; the key to victory 2020 and beyond”.

Speaking at the anniversary forum, the group’s President ‘NPP Loyal Ladies’, Maame Adjoa Pomaa Sanwu made a passionate call on all ladies both members and other sympathizers and well wishers of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to come together to retain President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo led government in power come 2020.

Explaining that, “NPP Loyal Ladies’ have tested Nana President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and Vice President Dr. Mahamudou Bawumia and have seen the good works they are doing, so our gathering today is to boost the moral of the ladies towards victory in 2020 election”.

The gathering she opined is to “encourage ourselves once more and to revamp the confidence in ourselves as well awaken the enthusiasm ahead of 2020 general elections”.

Adding her voivlce, the Group’s President indicated that the purpose of the conference is to create a relationship between the ladies and leadership of the party.

Indicating that, “it is their wish to bridge that communication gap between top party hierarchy and footsoldiers so as to build and make access to the top easy”.

Meanwhile, the conference will be replicated in all other regions in the country with the exception of Central and Western regions which have already held theirs.

A member of the group Lawyer Amma Frimpongmaa Duma, the Managing Director of SIC Savings and Loans urged the ladies on to take higher challenges and heights in education, which she considers as the bedrock for ones development.

“We as ladies need to embark on skills acquisition ventures so as to achieve the aim becoming fit and competent to take on management positions” the Managing Director stressed.

Therefore urged the ladies to develop themselves in professional courses that will give them an upper hand and easy appointments.

The National Deputy Communications Director, NPP on this part, Yaw Preko indicated that the group ‘NPP Loyal Ladies” has come a long way with the party and has therefore utomatically become key stakeholders of the party.

Miss Perpetual Lomokie Akwada, Deputy National Youth Organizer also expressed her appreciation to all ladies who took up the mantle to campaign in their very small capacities in 2016 that saw the NPP to victory.

And urged them the ‘NPP Loyal Ladies’ to put in their best and campaigb more to ebsure resounding victory for the party come 2020.

The Greater Accra Regional Chairperson, Yaa Baby who was present also opined that, “we feel that it is time to gather ourselves once again ahead of 2020 general election to have deliberations and to plan the way forward for victory 2020”.

“We mostly have outreach programs to sell to Ghanaians develolmental activities that are being embarked on my President Nana Addo led administration” she noted.

Story By: Delali Favor & Robert Neequaye

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