Free SHS is Bogus-Rev. Kyiri Abosom claims

The Founder and Leader of a newly formed political party dubbed ‘Ghana Union Movement’ (GUM) Rev. Dr. Christian Kwabena Andrew, popularly known as (Osofo Kyiri Abosom) has described “Nana Addo- led administration’s Free Senior High School (SHS) system as bogus”.

To him, (Osofo Kyiri Abosom), government should rather think of how best to engage the large population of unemployed graduates who are already at home in a profit making jobs or opportunities first before thinking of free SHS.

Explaining that, skills training is crucial and important at the basic level of education and the nation’s development hence, what the President is focusing on that is free SHS is off the track; adding it doesn’t bring anything good to society.

Osofo Kyiri Abosom who is also the founder and leader of Life Assembly Worship Centre made these observations in an exclusive interview with the at the party headquarters in Accra..

Expressing his views on the nation’s educational structure, he opined that, taining for school children at the lower levels must be through the adoption of technological know-how which is the current trend and one of the driving force for development in the world.

With regards to what his political party (GUM) will do if it wins power, Osofo Kyiri Abosom indicated that, GUM will embark on vocational training from the scratch, thus lower primary level, where children are much younger and can easily grab the skills, adopt it and adhere to it through their entire lives.

Adding that “so before the child gets to senior high level, he or she would have been prepared with the hands-on skills”.

Furthermore, “GUM will build an educational curricular that will keenly be based on technology, meaning every young child will know how to produce goods and services needed for use in our country, believing this will help Ghana to reduce importation of certain goods into the country”.

“Free school education should have come as an enhancement for to those who have skills, but not for middle level education” he indicated.

“GUM as a political party, is in for those who have lost hope in the two major political parties (thus the New Patriotic Party-NPP and the National Democratic Congress- NDC) in the country and that of the upcoming youth who may be voting for the first time”, the Man of God acknowledged.

To ensure the liberation and rapid development, GUM he says will institute free port as a way to boost Ghana’s economy activities.
Ghana Union Movement (GUM) as a political party have its key policy to be centered on the adoption of  industrialization.

Story By: Ishmael Barfi & Favour Adams

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