FDA holds Sensitization Seminar on new directives

In ensuring producers and importers in water production comply with the new directive for package water, the Food and Drugs Board (FDA) on Monday held a sensitization seminar for producers and importers in Accra.

The directives by the regulatory body enjoins all non-retail producers and manufacturers of bottled and sachet water to ensure that all labelling information on both primary and secondary packaging are the same.

Furthermore, ensure that, the name and contact details of the franchise, where applicable should be on the front of the pack or the principal display panel of the secondary as well as the primary package.

The directive according to Authority which takes effect from October 1, 2019, will be in fulfillment of the Authority’s mandate by Section 81 of Public Health Act, (Act 851) to ensure standards for the sale of food.

Speaking at the sensitization seminar, Madam Gifty Aidoo, the Senior Registration Officer, FDA indicated that, the Authority have realised that, there is inadequate labelling information on packaged products, hence the need for the engagement and enforcement.

Adding that, some producers have resorted to inappropriate product description, which is against the law and standards stressing that, good packaging materials help to prevent contamination of the products.

The Senior Registration Officer acknowledged that, the forum will let customers to have access as well as easy identification of all mandatory labelling information at the point of sale.

With regards to the directive, she pointed out that, the directive will also facilitate post-market surveillance.

The general principle is that packaged food should not be described or presented on any label or in any labelling by words, pictorial or other devices which refer to or are suggestive either directly or indirectly of any other product with which such food might be confused.

On her part, Mrs Delese A. Darko, the Chief Executive Officer of FDA revealed that, concerns have been raised about the current inconsistencies in the labelling information on packaged products which became apparent with the upsurge in the use of contract packaging services among producers in the local food industry.

Indicating that, Section 148 of the Act says any producers or importers who flout the law will pay a penalty fee of GH¢30,000.00 or be imprisoned to not more than five years.

Therefore, urged producers to adhere to the directives to avoid falling prey to the law.

Source: Ishmael Barfi

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