GFA aspirants’ fate to be decided today as vetting begins

The Vetting Committee for the 2019 Ghana Football Association (GFA) Elections has set today Thursday, September 26, to commence the vetting of aspirants who want to occupy various positions at the GFA.

According to a statement from the Normalization Committee (NC) the aspirants to be vetted have passed all initial screening by the Elections Committee (NC) following the close of nominations on Friday, September 20.

The statement added that, 52 people filed to contest for various positions.

Out of the 52 aspirants, seven persons filed to contest the GFA Presidency while seven would also vie for five positions on as Premier League Representatives on the GFA Executive Council with nine others filing to contest for three positions as Division One League Representatives on the Executive Council.

Meanwhile, twenty-five aspirants will be contesting for ten positions in ten regions as Regional Football Association Chairmen (and two slots on the Executive Council), while four aspirants are contesting for one position as Women’s Representative on Executive Council.

“Out of the 52 people who filed their nominations, a number of them contesting for various positions failed initial screening by the Elections Committee following their inability to satisfy all requirements.”

“The affected aspirants have been contacted and given up to 4 p.m. on Thursday, September 26, 2019, to satisfy all requirements. Their nominations would be nullified if they fail to meet all the requirements by the deadline given them,” the statement said.

“Meanwhile, due to the large number of aspirants, the vetting period has been extended to Friday, October 4, to afford the Vetting Committee enough time to comprehensively screen all aspirants.”

Source: Sports Desk

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