Cure for HIV/AIDS to be found in Ghana soon-Dr.Duncan

As the world seeks for permanent cure of HIV/AIDS, a renowned doctor says there is a high possibility of finding cure for this deadly disease within Ghana.

To him, he is of strong hope that we can find a cure from Ghana.

Dr Samuel Ato Duncan, Executive President of the Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission made these remarks during his interaction with journalists at the Kotoka International Airport on Monday night, upon his return from the Ukraine after an official visit.

According to him, finding a cure for HIV/AIDS remains a crucial global need for a number of reasons.

Indicating that, besides the fact that a sick person needs to be cured, finding a cure for the disease will ease state funding since a lot of resources goes into the concern.

This, Dr. Duncan opined that, these funds can be re-channelled into other needed developmental ventures, towards the nation’s growth.

If a cure for HIV/AIDS is found in Ghana, Dr. Duncan emphasized that, it will promote the country positively on the global scene and as well will give the country very bright prospects.

More importantly,he indicated a cure is going to unburden the several people who have HIV/AIDS and are in desperate need for relief.

This he says, his outfit would relentlessly continue with its research and believes a cure will be found.

Touching on his trip to the Ukraine, Dr Duncan revealed that, he was invited as the special guest at an event dubbed, “the Unification Day”, held by the Alfred Nobel University for students from Asia, Europe, America and Africa.

Adding that, the Alfred Nobel University was of the belief that it is more effective when the youth are targeted with education on the need for global peace, adding “when young people understand peace now, they become more effective at ensuring a stable and safe world as leaders in future.”

The Alfred Nobel University he indicated has reached an agreement with the Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission to work together to promote global peace, and also research into finding solutions to chronic diseases such as HIV/Aids, Herpatitis B, Kidney Failure and Cancer.

Dr Duncan was in July awarded an Honorary Professor for his discovery of a potential cure for HIV/AIDS in Accra, under the Extraordinary Achievement Heroes of Africa(EXAHA).

He is also credited with the discovery of a cure for cancers, renal diseases, Hepatitis B and other chronic diseases.

Dr Duncan has since 2012, outdoored the COA drug, which is purely herbal based, and has the potential to destroy about 80 percent of the HIV/AIDS virus within two hours of its administration.

Source:News Desk

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