GUTA is ignorant of the law on Trade-NUTAG

Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) has been accused by the leadership of Nigeria Union Traders Association Ghana (NUTAG) for being ignorant of the law regarding to Trade in Ghana.

The Nigeria Trade Union questioned GUTA if they know more than the government; the people who govern this country [Ghana]?”,

The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the Trade Union, Chief Kizito Ikechukwu Obiora made these remarks during his justification of why members of the Nigeria Trade Union are still engaging in retailing businesses contrary to Ghana’s trade laws.

According to him, Nigerians in Ghana have not broken Ghana’s trade laws as claimed by members of GUTA, therefore, members can engage in retailing.

“Ghana government gave us ultimatum to all foreigners in Ghana here to regularize our business through GIPC act or the person leaves the market. Out of fear and panic we went to Abuja ECOWAS Parliament to report the matter which brought ECOWAS Parliament here in Ghana [and] Ghana government made it clear we have to register our business as a Ghanaians”, he revealed in an interview monitored. 

Revealing that, few of their members who have not registered their business is as a result of the cumbersome processes and hassle foreigners pass through in getting documentation to do so.

“Before you get residence permit you must get doctors’ report at the cost of Ghcc900. Police report Ghc1200. None citizen I.D. card 120 dollars before you pay Ghc400 in addition to residence permit”, he lamented.

GUTA is demanding the closure of all retail shops belonging to foreigners by Monday with claims that the government has not fulfilled its promise of ridding the market of such traders despite several appeals. 

Already, the Association has begun serving these foreign traders with eviction notices, and have already locked up a few adding that they cannot tolerate the foreigners anymore.

Source: Busienss Desk

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