Minority Volta Caucus offers President 48hr to apologize to chiefs in Volta region

The Volta Caucus of the Minority in Parliament is demanding a 48hr explanation from the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo on their omission in the ‘Critical Roads projects programme listed in the 2020 Budget and Financial Policy of the Government of Ghana.

According to them, the omission of regional roads and bridges construction from the list of roads is a deliberate action and has since demanded that, the President apologizes to the Chiefs, Queen mothers, the youth and the people in the region

To them, they are convinced that, the neglect of the Volta region under the critical roads initiative contained in the 2020 budget was a grand scheme to discriminate against the Volta Region by denying their constituents their fair share of the national cake just because of their voting pattern.

“Our suspicion is further fortified by the pronouncements of Government officials who have put out the most reckless and insensitive defence of this unconstitutional conduct by their Government.

The Minority Volta Caucus strongly believe that, the Finance Minister has not been fair to them and that it was a deliberate attempt on government part to ignore them from enjoying the national cake.

The ranking member of the Volta caucus Hon. Kwame Abgodza Governs speaking in a press conference indicated that until last week almost all road projects were domant in the region.

Hon. Agbodza stressed on the need that “if within 48 hours, we have not received any corrections to this effect the President, then we will advise ourselves on the budget discussions on the floor of Parliament”.

According to him, the Volta region feels discriminated, there must therefore be a restoration, apologies to all stakeholders in the region.

“We wish to remind President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo that he took an Oath to defend the Constitution of Ghana”.

Adding that, “the Constitution of Ghana forbids discrimination and insists that the Government shall take all necessary action to undertake an even and balanced development of all regions: this is exactly what the NDC has always pursued anytime we are in Government”.

“We are registering our displeasure and outrage at the Government for deliberately omission of the Volta Region from the list of ‘critical regional road projects programmed for construction in 2020’ as contained in pages 160 and 161 of the Budget and Financial Policy of the Government of Ghana for the the year ending 31st December, 2020 presented to Parliament on behalf of the President by the Finance Minister, Hon.Ken Offori-Atta.

On his part, Hon. Okudjako Ablakwa noted that ” the people of Volta, you can’t lay a whole out; from your flagship report; when you term this budget as roads budget”.

“If we call for resignation, then it must be either the President; or entire cabinet; or Heads in Ministry of Finance nd their Minister and Minister of Roads and Transport as well”.
“The needful will be carried to the people ; records must be amended; since it is termed a critical regional roads projects” Hon. Ablakwa expressed.

Story by: Delali Gavor

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