Planning and innovations need to prioritised in Ghana- George Gyan Baffour

According to the Minister for Planning, Prof. George Gyan Baffour, there is the need for Planning and innovations to be prioritised in the country.

Stressing that, planning is an essential component in the attainment of the sustainable development Goals(SDGs) hence the need for it to be prioritised.

The Planning Minister made these remarks at a conference in Accra organized by the National Planning Development Commission(NDPC) in partnership with the UNDP under the theme: “Synergies and Coherence of Planning and Innovations for development towards 2030”.

Speaking further, he indicated that, President Nana Addo’s Ghana Beyond Aid” falls in line with the theme adding that planners must hence adopt and apply the necessary planning instruments and tools to make this a reality for the people.

“President Nana Addo has challenged us with a clear perspective and desire to attain a Ghana Beyond Aid”. he stressed.

Revealing that, the latest global SDG report indicates that a lot of effort has been put into implementing the SDGs in the first four years and good progress has been made across most of the goals.

However added that, the progress is not at the rate required to achieve the global targets, therefore calls for an interrogation of the current strategies and approaches to development emphasising that there is a crucial need to re-think on how to enhance the level of effectiveness and efficiency in our development efforts.

“The SDGs seek to address the critical development challenges facing humanity and also balance the economic social and environmental dimensions of development”. he noted.

The Minister explained that the goals and targets in the SDGs are integrated and interlinked hence calls for a more collaborative implementation process.

Adding that, given the diversity of the targets, it is inevitable that in some cases two or more targets have a positive effect on each other and in other cases targets are in conflict.

Prof Baffour used the occasion to express governments commitment towards the attainment of the SDGs as well commended the NDPC and UNDP for their efforts in that regard.

source: Ishmael Barfi /

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