NIA’s ex-boss Ahadzie wins court case

The former Executive Secretary of the National Identification Authority (NIA), Dr William Ahadzi has won his case against the Governing Board of the Authority.

Dr Ahdazi was asked to proceed on an indefinite leave by the Governing Board in 2013 to pave the way for a committee to investigate a petition levelled against him by the then-acting head of ICT of the NIA, Mr Osei Kwame Griffiths. 

He later sued the Authority in court. 

Dr Ahadzi, in a statement on 19 December 2019, said: “I secured a favourable judgement in court today in my case with the National Identification Authority. It’s a judgement of restoration and redemption. The learned judge ruled that all my entitlements from 2013 be restored. My name and image are also redeemed”. 

“I proved in court that the ‘proceed on leave’ decision by the then-Governing Board was a senseless contrivance between the Board, some misdirected staff working under me, and some ill-informed persons in the high echelons of power. 

“Their action had no grounds except as a sinister scheme to lift me off the seat and plant stooges in my place.

“Their action halted, indeed, reversed the progress we were making to give Ghana a functioning National ID System. It led, eventually, to the decommissioning of the system we toiled to build and with that, an introduction of another system which was needless.” 

He added: “Over the first four years, I tried every means possible to get a resolution to the matter with no success. I then took the matter to court and having gone through several hearings, judgement was passed today in my favour. It didn’t come easy, but it has come nonetheless”. 

“Those who were part of that evil scheme should bow down their heads in shame and ask God for forgiveness. But I wish to thank them for strengthening my faith because I waited upon the Lord and he proved he is a living and a faithful God. He takes us through adversity to use our tests as testimonies. 

“He is simply an awesome God. He is great and His miracles are mighty. He puts our adversaries to flight as 

He anoints us. It’s been almost seven years, but He has delivered on His promise. May His name be praised for He is good all the time. Join me celebrate this goodness.”


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