Decentralization, vital tool for development- Dr. Ato Arthur

For Ghana to rapidly develop to ensure the welfare and growth of the citizenry, there is the need for government to ensure villages, towns and cities gets the basic infrastructures and amenities to enhance its development and growth.

Therefore, decentralization is the vital tool needed for government to ensure these villages, towns and cities are uplifed to serve the best interest of the ordinary Ghanaians.

This according to the Head of Local Government Service, Dr. Nana Ato Arthur, is the core mandate of his institution.

“The Act 936 categorically states that, our mandate is to secure effective administration and management of the decentralized local government system in the country”, he acknowledged.

In an exclusive interview with, Dr. Arthur believes that, staff of the various local government institutions are determined to support government vision of ensuring effective development and management of the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assmebilies.

Indicating that, his outfit will this year embark on intensive human capacity building to harness the core mandate of local government staff across the country.

In addition, will engage the various MMDAs as well other stakeholders to develop innovative policies that will help in the realization of government vision of improving the lives of the ordinary Ghanaians across the country.

To this effect, the Head of Local Government Services, Dr. Ato Arthur revealed that, his outfit will continue to sign performance contract (performance management system) with the Regional Coordinating Counci (RCC), Regional Ministers and all Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies.

“Performance assessment of this year will be based on the contract we will be signing with them”, he noted.

Last year performance of staff he noted was fairly good however believes that, staff performance this year will be result oriented and uplift the image of the Secretariat.

On revenues,he explained that, this year, their aim is to be innovative as well improve the internal generated revenues to enable the outfit to embark on numerous activities geared towards the realization of its core mandate, secure effective administration and management of the decentralized local government system.

He therefore appealed to staff to live up to their civic responsibilities by ensuring that, as responsible and professional, they don’t engage in activities that will tarnish the good image and reputation of the institution.

Furthermore, as elections year, they should be neutral in all their responsibilities and utterances as they work to support the the decentralization system of the country.

“No staff should exhibit any political colours as they serve the people of Ghana before, during and after this year general elections”, he admonished.

He therefore urged every staff to play their role to ensure peaceful atmosphere before,during and after elections.

On his part, the Chief Director Mr. Oppong indicated that, they will this year embark on vigorous capacity building of staff to reduce the infraction in the Auditor General report.

In addition,local Government Service Secretariat is working with the Ministry of Finane to boost its staffing level across th country to provide quality services at the various MMDAs.

He however appealed to staff to use available channel of communications to seek readdress to avoid any unforseen circumstances.

“It is important to know it is a privilege and opportunity to continue serving the Ghanaian populace”, he advised.

Source: Ishmael Barfi/

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