CRRECENT Supports Former Juvenile Offender with Work Tools

As part of its Juvenile Justice Programme (Reintegration), the Child Research and Resource Centre (CRRECENT) has presented work tools consisting of a full set of industrial sewing machine, bench grinder and a drilling machine for a discharged juvenile offender to further enable Yaw Dery increase production of bamboo bags.

At 17, James Derywas was detained for stealing sheep for three-years and was placed in the Senior Correctional Centre, a place meant for 18 years and above offenders to serve his sentence.

At the Centre, Dery became remorseful and made up his mind to become a better person, hence paid serious attention to his lessons in bamboo craft at the Centre.

In 2019, having served his 3-year term, Dery was discharged and has since been sober After constant monitoring and assessment by CRRECENT.

The 21-year-old Dery now is fully engaged in designing clutches made from bamboo and African print as well as produces hand fans and other bamboo accessories.

There are several practical challenges faced by juvenile offenders on their release, including rejection by families, on suitable accommodation, managing their lives with no savings until they begin to earn some money and access everyday services and support for their specific needs.

Juvenile offenders confined in correctional institutions are confronted by a range of social, economic and family challenges that tend to become obstacles to a crime-free lifestyle on discharge.

Some of these challenges more directly associated with incarceration and transition back into society.

It is therefore not uncommon for persons coming out of juvenile correctional centres to return to worse criminal life, hence reintegration of these discharged juveniles is not a simple one for it involves serious conscious efforts that are complicated and difficult.

Child Research and Resource Centre (CRRECENT) is a Civil Society Organisation dedicated to the promotion of child and youth protection and development. Our vision is to contribute to building a well-integrated society that recognizes children in every sector and which creates the necessary space and opportunity to respond to their developmental needs.

CRRECENT’s flagship programme is the re-integration of juvenile offenders into society. Since 2011, the organisation has affected the lives of over 200 discharged juveniles aged between 16-20 years and their families in re-integration programme.

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