Dont Fault ‘Run Away’ Kayayei- Ranking Member On Gender advises

Mad. Laadi Ayamba, Member of Parliament (MP) for Pusiga and Ranking Member for Gender Committee in Parliament has said that “no one should fault ‘run away’ Kayawies” in the recent interception incident at Ejisu in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

Mad. Laadi Ayamba expressed worry at the incident where some kayayies in Accra were found on-board a cargo truck to the northern part of the country.

They were intercepted at Ejisu, in the Ashanti region.

However, “government did not do well by not sensitizing the citizens enough on the lockdown”,she lamented.

“Government and the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSoP) on my part as a legislator did not cater adequately for the needs of these vulnerable women and children who have traveled from the northern part of the country to seek greener pastures here in Accra” she stressed.

According to her, much education regarding the partial lockdown wasn’t presented to them enough and properly”.

Speaking to the in an exclusive interview on the issue, where over 80 Kayayies were intercepted, escaping the lockdown, hence leaving for their various villages in the Northern Regions.

These eighty (80) women with their children where found on board of two (2) cargo trucks heading towards WaleWale, hence escaping the untold hardship the partial lockdown in Accra is likely to have on them.

Incident Background:

It was emphasized that, these women, recognizing the difficulties that would arise from their lack of permanent shelter and the likely loss of income, apparently made strenuous efforts from Saturday, 28th March, 2020 to leave the city of Accra and got to as far as Ejisu in the Ashanti Region.

Despite their efforts, they were returned to Accra on the 31st of March, 2020, and it is unclear what steps city authorities would be taking to help them.

Source: Delali Gavor

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