Minority in Parliament has questioned the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo led administration over Ghana Link and Customs UNIPASS Agency (CUPIA) taking over the operation of GCNET and West Blue through sole-sourcing.

Speaking at a Press conference in Accra, Deputy Ranking Member on Trade and Industry, Hon. Sulemana Yussif outlined some questions the minority are demanding answers from government .

First and foremost, the minority according to Hon. Sulemana Yusif is asking the president specifically why the addition of Ghana Link/UNIPASS, thus bringing to warrant the extra 0.21% of Free On Board shipping (FOB).

In addition, questioned why government is providing Ghana Link with inordinately higher fees for a service that is being provided at a lower cost and also why government is willing to pay more for unproven system.

To that effect, why choose to abrogate cheaper contracts for more expensive contract.

This he lamented to be strange and worrying for government to commit itself to pay an amount of US$93 million to US$12 million in the first to the tenth year to the company.

All these questions is what the Minority is seeking answers to especially sole-sourcing a system of this kind whiles an international competitive process would have given Ghana better value for money.

The minority through the press conference is urging government to furnish Ghanaians with the reason why they accepted US$93 million as a termination fee for a year.

Source: www.thenewindependentonline.com/ Delali Gavor/ Parliament

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