A Coalition of Independent Presidential Aspirants (CIPA) in Ghana have announced their intention to form a united front to change the course of our history and deliver to Ghanaians better Accountability, better Citizen-centred Management of its economy and resources, and a long-term agenda that secures the future of Ghana’s posterity.

The mission is to present to Ghanaians a coalition of Ghanaian leaders in their own fields, with global expertise, and let our people know we have the concern and skillset to unseat and replace the entrenched political NDC and NPP parties in the upcoming Presidential Election.

The Coalition of Independent Presidential Aspirants (CIPA) is made up of the list below at the time of Press, and it is our hope that others who share the vision will see the need to join forces with us for the greater good of God and Country:

1. KOFI KORANTENG – A Ghanaian Investment Banker and Real Estate Investor of International repute.

2. SAMUEL OFORI AMPOFO – a retired Ghanaian Mechanical Engineer, Farmer and Rural Banker.

3. MARRICKE KOFI GANE – an International Development Expert, Lecturer and Chartered Certified Accountant.

4. CARL EBO MORGAN – a Businessman, Political Scientist and Project Management Consultant with International experience.

5. ONIPAYEDE OSSOM TEYE – a Businessman and Welder.

The Presidential Campaigns of the various Independent Aspirants have reached this position via consensus – a consensus that the best approach to fight for the survival of Ghana and dispose of the NDC and NPP, is to unite behind a single campaign agenda.

There is a general realization and acceptance in the nation that Ghana is at the crossroads of a leadership crisis and that Ghana as we knew it as an independent nation may not survive under the heavy foreign debt burden, lack of payback plan, and lack of transparency.

Neither of the two major political party leadership cares enough to understand the real needs of the ordinary people.

They do not seem fully cognizant of the era we are in and about the youth and their struggles for survival.

The leadership seem selfish and greedy and unconcerned about the citizens and the need to plan for posterity.

There is an urgent need to position Ghana in a manner that is a blessing to present and future generations.

With corruption at its peak, debts at excessive levels and an economy that is only functional on paper but NOT in the pockets of ordinary Ghanaians, and with the natural wealth of Ghana being exploited and exported without corresponding improvements in the standards of living year after year for Ghanaian masses – it is time, for the status quo to be replaced.

The time for change is NOW!!

The Coalition of Independent Presidential Aspirants (CIPA) have one goal in mind – TO FIGHT FOR GHANA’S SECOND AND FINAL INDEPENDENCE from the clutches of the NDC and NPP in the 2020 elections.

Each of these aspirants is pledged to consolidating efforts with a unified Presidential candidate, to win the Presidency in 2020.

Their GOAL in the next few months is to show Ghanaians our national vision to restore Ghana’s dignity in all sectors of our nation, primarily:

Agriculture to a high level of modernisation, competitive advantage and productivity.

Attractive farming communities with basic roads and amenities to attract the youth.

A pragmatic and superior Educational system linked to job creation for our graduates.

Public and private financial capital investment in the Youth such as scholarships and student loans.

A boost in loans for small and medium scale businesses.First class Health care that delivers improved life expectancy as in developed countries.

Environmental sanitation second to none with 99.9% control of the mosquito breeding and malaria in 3 years.Ban open gutters and make underground sewage systems standard throughout Ghana.

Mandatory health standards of water flushing toilets in all homes, commercial and public places.

Support a constitutional amendment to Decentralise Presidential powers and elect local towns and districts for their rapid development.Build only quality roads and Highways and make all contractors carry a 10 year bond.

Institute Quarterly public reports from the Public Utility Regulatory Authority and enforce the Quality and Reliability standards of services from our Power, water and Communication systems.

Use our Ghanaians scientific and technical expertise around the globe exclusively to develop IT and database systems for our security, corruption monitoring and management, Voting and other management systems.

Reduce the size of Government by 50% or more, cut the colonial allowance systems, and balance the Ghana government budget within 3 years!

Deal with corruption in the most cross-cutting, efficient and ruthless manner within the confines of law.

WE ARE COMMITTED! It is our prayer that the people of Ghana are committed with us to give Ghana a new breath of life.
God has blessed our Homeland Ghana – it is we, who must now make it Great and Strong.

May God continue to bless our Homeland Ghana.

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