Gov’t to construct culverts on Aflabo river in Kpando

The government through the Ministry of Roads and Highways promises to build culverts on the Aflabo river in Gbefi -Tornu community in the Kpando Municipality before December, 2020.

The aim is to enable farmers have access to their farmlands in the communities during the rainy season; since the only 1.30 km gravel road which connects the towns is in poor condition.

The Minister for Roads and Highways, Mr. Kwesi Amoako Atta indicated that a feasibility studies have proven that Gbefi Tornu town needs culverts rather than a bridge.

Mr. Amoako Atta disclosed this to Parliament at plenary when he (Minister) was responding to a question posed by Member of Parliament (MP) for Kpando, Hon. Mrs. Della Sowah.

The MP wanted to know from the Minister when Gbefi -Tornu would have a bridge over the Aflabo river in the community: this she said will enale them to access their farmlands.

“Mr Speaker, the future programme by the Ministry is that, water crossing sections along the road, from feasibility studies, will require culverts rather than bridges”.

“Road condition survey and hydraulic design studies will be conducted on the road during the third (3rd) quarter of year 2020, to determine the hydraulic capacities and sizes of culverts required for construction on the road in order to restore full access to farmlands in the community, ” the Minister said.

The sector Minister assured that an intervention would be considered to improve the 1.3km road to enable the good people of Gbefi-Tornu have access to their farms with ease.

Hon. Sowah noted that, the two towns, Gbefi Hoeme and Tornu are part of the major food crops producing communities in the country.

She said having good roads and a culvert over the Aflabo river will enable them have access to their farms: this she said remains paramount for the chiefs and people of Gbefi.

“Most common food crops produce in the communities includes maize, rice, cassava, yam, cocoayam, plaintain, Okro , pepper and other vegetables,Gbefi also has the largest pineapple farm in the country”.

“Due to their proximity to the Dayi and Aflabo rivers, many of the residents are also into fishing whiles few others rear domestic animals like goats, sheep’s and other ruminants”.

Source: Delali Gavor

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