Avedzi Elugises JDM’s Choice-Prof. Opoku-Agyeman

Deputy Minority Leader in Parliament, Dr. James Klutse Avedzi has said the nomination of Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang, as running mate to former President John Mahama has scattered the propaganda strategy of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the upcoming general elections.

According to him, the unanimous endorsement of Prof. Naana by the National Executive Committee (NEC) was a well thought out of strategy that has shuttered vile propaganda plans prepared by the governing party, adding that, ” it has taken the NPP off gear and has thrown their vile and unconvincing political strategy out of the boat.”

Since the nomination of Prof. Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang-Agyemang, some members of the NPP have resorted to derogatory remarks and insults against her personality as educationist and former Minister.

The Majority Leader of Parliament, Osei Kyei -Mensah- Bonsu has remarked that Prof. Naana is not capable of running the country as President.

Mr. Yaw Buabeng Asamoah, Director of Communications of NPP said the nomination of the distinguished woman, Prof. Naana means the NDC does not take Ghanaians serious.

Nevertheless, Dr. Avedzi, who is the Member of Parliament for Ketu North and Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament told the New Independent online portal, www.thenewindependentonline.com, that “the reason why the NPP is mad at the nomination of the Professor as a running mate is of the fact that their political strategy has been scattered”.

All these attacks and name-calling, trying to reduce the integrity of the running mate nominee is simply because their plans have been scattered.

“They are confused and they are in adilemma as to what strategy to take next adding “this woman is clean and the plans they hacked against others have all backfired and they are completely disorganised,” the Deputy Minority Leader emphasized.

Dr. Avedzi noted that NDC brought Prof. Naana because she has everything to do with a strategic approach towards the 2020 elections and that has shut down the rather erratic campaign of vilification and intimidation of the ruling party, NPP.

He added that had it not been for the COVID-19 situation at the jubilee house, he is sure a cabinet meeting would have been called to re-strategize because of Prof. Naana.

The Ketu North lawmaker said the world is moving towards a better and more equal future, and the nomination of Prof. Naana Opoku-Agyemang as a running mate is evidence that there’s still progress to be made to empower women.

He added that Professor Naana nomination would go a long way to energise the Ghanaian women to see themselves as part of the masses that could change the narrative of being vulnerable and the marginalised.

“I see Prof. Naana as a woman of immense integrity, a scholar and a courageous woman wand can do the job as Vice President. She only need to identify herself with the vulnerable, the women groups, the market women, children and the disabled,” Dr Avedzi said.

With a track record as Vice-Chancellor and a cabinet Minister, the Deputy Minority Leader said the selection of Prof. Naana Opoku-Agyeman was accepted by the rank and file of the NDC party and she would enjoy the support of the grassroots.

He said when it comes to professional experience, Bawumia is completely low standard and when it comes to affability, Professor Naana is miles ahead of Dr. Bawumia.

Source: www.thenewindependentonline.com/ DELALI GAVOR/ Parliament

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