APC Flagbearer Engages Christain Council of Ghana

In his bid to be the first gentleman of the Republic of Ghana, the All Peoples’ Congress (APC) Presidential Candidate has paid a courtesy call on the Christain Council of Ghana at its office in Accra.

The visit is to formally introduce himself to the Council as the party’s choice to contest on its ticket for the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections in December, 2020 as well seek their blessings and endorsement as he campaigns across the country.

On 24th August, 2020, delegates of the All Peoples’ Congress (APC) at its 2nd Delegates Congress unimously endorsed him, Dr. Hassan Ayariga to lead the party in the 7th December, 2020 general elections.

In his introduction, Dr. Hassan Ayariga expressed his gratitude to the Council for their numerous prayers, intervention and wise consel to the various political parties in the country.

To him, the Council plays a critical role in shaping the democracy of Ghana and expects more of its role as the country heads towards the polls in December,2020.

Explaining that, it is of importance to ensure there is peace before, during and after the generaal elections, hence their presence and involvement in the country’s political discourse is relevance.

” If we have a strong and visionary leader, we would have an effective and vibrant economy and development”,he stressed.

Explaining that, the two political parties had failed the ordinary Ghanaians and that, it is time to kick them out of the race and give APC the opportunity to bring on board fresh and energetic policies and human resources that would steer the affairs of the country.

Speaking of his policies, Dr. Hassan Ayariga revealed that, his government would institute a national integration system that would harmonize the various agencies as well serve as a tool to check corruption practices.

“We will put in measures and structures that would regulates and monitor public officials assets and sourcce of income with regards to properties acquired”, he emphasized.

If the national cake can not benefit every Ghanaians, it is important to utilize it by implementing policies that would be of benefits to the ordinary Ghanaians, he acclaimed.

The APC led govemment would institute a Graduate Financing Fund that would support graduates with funds to establish their realistic and vibrant ideas as a way of creating more jobs and empowering these young graduates.

“We dont want to build castles in the air but we want to build the foundation that would give the ordinary Ghanaians the opportunity to earn a descent standard of living”.

Dr. Hassan Ayariga used his visit to appeal to the Council to engage all stakeholders in the political landscape to preach peace and violent free campaigns before, during and after the general elections.

“We want to have our country in peace and not in pieces as we gear towards the polls”, he emphasized.

On his part, the General Secretary of the Christain Council of Ghana, Revered Dr. Cyril Fayosey indicated that, it is of time for Ghana to have a third force political party that can wrestle power from the two main political parties, New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

To him, the people of Ghana have seen the works and policies of these two political parties that, the ordinary Ghanaians yearns for a third party to tranform the economy and enhance their standard of living.

He therefore used the visit of Dr. Hassan Ayariga to call on the smaller political parties to form a strong force to wrestle power from these two political parties.

On ensuring peace before, during and after, he said the Council is poised to engage all stakeholders as well embark on numerous engagements in its effort to propagate peace.

Dr. Hassan Ayariga presented party souveniers to the Council as well as an undisclosed amount of money to support the rennovation of the Council offices.

He was accompanied by the national and Greatet Accra Regional Executives of the party.

Source: www.thenewindependentonline.com/ Ishmael Barfi

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