The elders say, it is difficult to wake a man pretending to be asleep, but this truth has caused the sleeping man to wake up, saying, I have heard everything you have been saying except the debate. Is this not surprising?

Indeed, today my eyes have seen my ears, and the old adage that says one day one day, the cow will be caught in a hen coop have been made real to me.

I was under the impression that, the President doesn’t read the newspapers, listen or watch television but I was wrong.

Two promising young men unfortunately lost their lives during the recent registration exercise, the President didn’t even share his condolence with their families. Some Military men unfortunately chose to disrespect some citizens but it didn’t matter to the President.

The President only woke up in anger that, his kinsmen have been referred to as sakawa.

Your Excellency, if this is why you woke up, kindly get back to sleep. No one said that . What was said however is that, some people in Kyebi are now sakawa boys.

Leave the whole of Kyebi out. They are minding their business. ‘If your people are chopping, they don’t chop some’.

I feel Hon. Adongo really knows how to wake those pretending to be asleep up. It’s good for national discus. Especially now that people are calling for a national debate.

Hon. Adongo referred to Excellency Dr. Bawumia as Adam Smith. Better still “WALEWALE ADAM SMITH”. Dr. Bawumia never said the people of WALEWALE have been insulted or made news about it. Because he knew he was the one who called for the economic debate and not the people of WALEWALE.

When he knew that place was too hot, he comfortably left economics to IT.

Who has punched him again? No one . He is now comfortably growing a pot belly ?

Hon. Adongo who have smelled scandals miles away sought to explain this Agyapa deal to the understanding of the ordinary Ghanian, saw that there may be signs of scam, fraud, conflict of interest etc simply put ( Sakawa)

In finding the names behind it, he felt they may be that of some people referred to as the “Akyem Mafias”

A testicle that will develop into hernia can be spotted the first day it’s born credit to hon ABA Fuseini

I don’t know whether in the minds of some people, they are beyond reproach. They can punch but are not ready to receive the truth about themselves.

Why is the President pushing this statement to his tribe? Do the whole of Kyebi have shares in any deal? Whether Kroll, PDS, Agyapa or the many others.

Who directed the comment to the doorstep of the first family anyway? Why is the President feeling like a Mafia or Sakawa? Is there a guilt or what?

Your Excellency, I don’t think you will want to associate yourself with the Sakawa guys in Kyebi. As for the Kyebi Sakawa people they are there. We will find them . They create, they grab, they loot and they share amongst their family and friends.

One of the “Agya” told Ghanaians never to look for opportunities in govt because it’s over staffed but could find a lucrative job for his son at SSNIT as one if the deputies. He hit his chest hard, thanked his father and said you are an “Agyapa”.

If we have succeded in this, we can take the whole of Ghana minerals to ourselves.

Today, under Nana Akufo Addo, he can send a bill to parliament for it to be passed with it’s board members and chief executive being signed on till Jesus comes.

I wish them a long life. As for prosperity, they have gotten it already. Milked as very well and dry . Even kroll and associate hmmm , you know dada .

The thief commeth not but to steal to kill and to destroy. These are the works of Sakawa boys, but for Sakawa old men, we wait for the better days ahead .

Kun Fa Yakun

Source: Godwin Ako Gunn

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