‘Avail Your Children Under Five Years for Polio Vaccination’-NCCE to Parents

The Anloga District Director of National Comission on Civic Education (NCCE) Mr. Godwin Agbenyo has urged all parents, guardians and those who are in charge of children to make available their children under five years to receive this year’s two rounds POLIO VACCINES from September 10 to 13 and October 8 to 11 to boost the children’s system against the POLIO infections.

Mr. Agbenyo explained that, it’s the right of every child in Ghana to be protected from contracting diesease hence, should be presented for this year polio vaccination which starts today, 10th September,2020 nationwide.

Stressing that, no parent or guardian have the right to stop any child from receiving health care that will improve their health and wellbeing such as the polio vaccination exercise meant to kick it out of Ghana.

Denial and preventing a child from enjoying his or her basic fundamental rights such as recieving healthcare services, education, right to play, right to food, shelter and clothing he noted is an  infrigement on our Constitution and other laws that allows the child grow to become responsible adult and citizen.

“No parent have the right based on his belief, religion, and among others to prevent a child from enjoying these basic rights”, he emphasized.

Mr. Agbenyo made these remarks at a Community durbar at Azanu in the Anloga District.

Speaking further, he urged all and sundry to strictly abide by WHO/GHS protocols on containing the Coronavirus, especially hand washing with soap under running water, avoiding going to crowded areas, wearing of face masks to public places like funerals, weddings, market, churches among others, proper disposal of PPE’s to prevent children from playing with the used PPE’s.

Inaddtion, told the gathering at the durbar that, failure to wear Facemask in public place is an offence and punishable by law. 

On her part, the Anloga District Health Director Madam Perfect Titiati who graced the occasion urged couples to plan their family. to reduce the current hardship in the country.

Indicating that, when couple practices family planning, it promote women health and well spacing of their children thereby making their children healthy.

Source: www.thenewindependentonline.com

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