Don’t sell your authority to politicians .CEO advises chiefs

The Chief Executive of Marrer Ghana Limited and Sustgad Boat Building and Fishing Industry, Mr Novihoho Afaglo, has cautioned the chiefs and traditional leaders in the country not to politicise the traditional institutions and positions.

According to the CEO, many chiefs in the country are selling their authority to politicians meanwhile, their positions should be non- partisan.

He said President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo government’s effort of trying to use the chiefs was not the best option.

He said the moment chiefs declare support for a particular political party, their positions are compromised and creates enermity for other parties.

“The moments the table turns, that particular chief becomes a target for the other parties,” he stated

Mr Afaglo said after these parties leave power the next government will ignore the people in the said district or town based on their support to the sitting government.

He indicted that their positions affect the entire community, town or region which in the normal sense does not represent the entirety of the people.

The CEO revealed that the individual decision of a chief based on his own benefit does not guarantee the direction of vote from the people.

Mr Afaglo said this phenomenon cuts across all political parties be it the New Patriotic Party or the National Democratic Congress.

“It is, therefore, my humble plea to our chiefs to stay away from politics to enable them continue to enjoy their traditional authority.”


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