Breaking News: NDC Supporters Besiege Buck Press Over suspicions of Excess ballot papers


Supporters of the main opposition party, National Democratic Congress (NDC) have besieged the Buck Press, a printing Press in Ofankor contracted by the Electoral Commission (EC) to print ballot papers on suspicion of printing excess ballot papers.

The NDC Supporters numbering hundreds are threatening fire and brimstone that, they will not allow the EC to convey the excess ballot papers and add it to the required ballot papers.

NDC National Agents Co-ordinator, Mr. Saani Mohammed at the Printing Press

The NDC National Agents Co-ordinator Mr. Saani Mohammed explained that the EC agreed that the smaller ballot denominations will be replaced with a bigger ballot denominations on condition that they substitute the smaller denominations with the bigger ballot denominations.

He added that to their surprise, the Buck press management in connivance with the EC want to go ahead to add the bigger ballot denominations to the smaller ones, an act they described as raw deal hence their resistance.

NDC National Agents Co-ordinator, Mr. Saani Mohammed

Currently, the said ballot papers are till at the primises of the printing press at Ofankor with the NDC supporters resisting the conveying of those ‘excess’ ballot papers.

Premises of Buck Press

Stay tuned for more updates.


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