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Service on New Year’s Eve: Pastor Mark Mintah Talks Tough; Urges Christians to Serve God

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Service on New Year’s Eve: Pastor Mark Mintah Talks Tough; Urges Christians to Serve God

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Christians and people around the world, witnessed transition of the timelines from 2021 to 2022 on the night of December 31th, hence Crossover services are common place in Ghana.

In this piece, Richard Nii Kotey takes a look at the crossover service at The Word In Action Church in the capital, Accra.

The Word In Action Church, located at Bortianor, Ajasco Junction along the Bojo Beach-Kokrobite stretch witnessed a meal of word-saturated message from the Lord on New Year’s Eve.

Scores of people thronged the vast arena housing the magnificent edifice in search of salvation for their souls and to utilise the available avenue to express gratitude to God for His watch over their lives.

A blast of electrifying prophetic declarations accentuated the message of the night as Pastor Mark Mintah, Founder and Senior Pastor of the church mounted the podium,ushered into an atmosphere that was already charged by the resident choir, The True Worshippers.

The Man of God was full of gratitude for the goodness of the Lord, saying “When we began the year, we were told there was a certain virus called Coronavirus and we didn’t know we were going to make it even to the month of February but here we are today. It is due to the goodness of the Lord ”.

Taking his reading from the book of Luke 5:1-8, Pastor Mark delivered the mind of God to the congregation and to the world, urging them to make their lives available for the Master’s use.

Recounting the hopeless situation of Peter, being frustrated by a whole night of fruitless toil but who encountered a net-breaking catch after availing his boat for Jesus’ use.

The International Preacher indicated that Jesus was calling upon the congregation and humanity to yield their bodies as living sacrifices in service to Him.

“Today, it is no longer about boats but your lives. God wants you to yield your lives to Him. He wants you to trust His word rather than people” he indicated.

Pastor Mark bemoaned the increasing state of people living their lives without embracing the word of the Lord, adding that, most Christians didn’t even have Bibles of their own and wondered how they could know the mind of God for their lives without reading His word.

He explained that Jesus is the word and like Peter, anyone who gave Him room in their lives would experience His goodness.

He therefore told the people that, God wants to do something beautiful with their lives but it would require their availability and readiness to walk with Him.

Bringing his sermon to a close, Pastor Mark reminded the congregation and viewers around the world that Jesus was their only hope, saying “Man must serve God”.

He underscored how fleeting life is, citing the example of the lives of many great and powerful men and women who had departed the face of this earth.

“Bear in mind that people die. Make your decisions today” he counselled.

As the seconds counted, racing towards the 60th mark at 11:59pm, with a heightened sense of optimism, the people burst rapturously into the New Year, transiting the timelines from 2021 into 2022.