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RT Hon. Bagbin Remains Focused with or without the Military Attachments

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The fourth Republic remains the longest, and so must it remain, though this phase may arguably be the toughest, not because of the balanced parliament nor the speaker emerging from an opposition party, but because of a president who wants to have his way through foul means.

The faster HE respects people’s electoral choices, the better it will be for his next 3 years.

We can recall what happened to elected officers of his party, Paul Afoko and kwabena Agyapong.

Same happened to statutory officers like the EC chair, Charlotte Osei and Domelevo, the auditor general.

RT Hon. Bagbin Remains Focused with or without the Military Attachments

When a fool is successful in chewing sand, he believes by extension he can chew rocks. As for Bolga, you may easily get there, but not the Tanga …. !!!

You may not understand why the president surrounds himself with family members and yes men. It is not just for corruption, but also to hide his weaknesses and cover up his sins.

I am trying to find answers to the reasons why four military men attached to the office of the speaker will be withdrawn. I don’t get it !!!

During the last election petition, we saw the number of military personnel deployed to usher and escort the EC chairperson.

What was not captured by the cameras was when the EC chairperson enters the court room.

She will ask for the rearrangement of the middle seats for her to choose the chair she sits on for the day, and there were plain cloth officers waiting to execute that for her.

If all these can be at the disposal of an EC chairperson, why not a speaker of parliament?

Until the rotten tooth in our Democratic dispensation is removed, we must learn to chew with caution. Fear not for your life, all those who speak or write against injustice. It is the right thing to do.

RT Hon. Bagbin Remains Focused with or without the Military Attachments

If one can not see the message to the speaker, some of us can see it !!! A tiny muscle is being flexed, unfortunately the arm of the state will remain stronger than any individual including the president.

Let me assure any one planning anything funny that they will drink their own blood and eat their own flesh.

Let me be fair and add that, there can be an attack on the speaker that the president may know nothing about, but who will believe it after this act. When everyone is standing and you remain the only squatting one.

Oh Ghana, how low you have sunk !!! I can’t help but pray for better days ahead

Kun fa Yakun


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