Fast track Surveying Council Bill into law to sanitize the Sector-GhIs to Gov’t



Story by: Ishmael Barfi


The Government of Ghana has been called upon to fast track the passage of the Surveying Council Bill into law to regulate the practice of surveying in the country as a way of improving and enhancing the sector.

According to the Ghana Institution of Surveyors, (GhIS), the undue delay in passing the bill into is affecting the regulation of the sector in the country.

The call was made by the President of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors, Dr. John Amaglo at its 17th Surveyors’ Week celebration and 53rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) media launch in Accra.

The media launch marked the commencement of the Week and AGM was under the theme “ Emerging Global Technologies: Implication for the Surveying Practice in Ghana”.

Fast track Surveying Council Bill into law to sanitize the Sector-GhIs to Gov’t

This year Surveyors’ Week aims to provide professional and organisations the opportunity to seat back, reflect, evaluate and as well as discuss various revolutionary changes digitalization provides and it’s impact on the practice of surveying in Ghana.

And activities for the week- long event includes the orientation of newly qualified members, elevation of members onto Class Fellows, induction of newly qualified members and investiture of new President.

Explaining further to the media, Dr. John Amaglo said the bill which is currently before the Attorney General is yet to make any appearance in Parliament since it was initiated three decades ago.

GhIs President, Dr. John Amaglo

This he said is worrying and making it difficult for GhIs to monitor the activities and services of people who have joined the business and not registered members of the institution.

This he said have pave way for these people to engage in malpractices that does not confirm with the policies and practices of the institution, hence undermining the profession.

He further indicated that, the passage of the Bill into law would provide a platform for all surveyors to be registered with the institution, hence certified to practice in the country.

“Once you don’t have any legal backing, you will realize that, a lot of people are parading themselves around ad certified surveyors and giving sub- standard services to the public”, he stressed.

Attributing this to no sanction of these people which he bemoaned have created a situation where even foreigners comes in and practice with no recourse to the institution.

However, Dr. Amaglo stated that, when there is a legal backing like the Surveying Council, one would be required to be a registered and certified member by the Council.

This he believes would enable the Council to ensure that, the approved and sanctioned standards are followed and respected in the sector.

With regards to the COVID-19 outbreak, Dr. John Amaglo revealed that, the outbreak of the pandemic had a serious impact on the Surveying sector that, there is the need for surveyors to abreast themselves with emerging global technologies to enhance their services delivery in the Surveying sector.

“Surveying Practice in Ghana requires one to understand crisis management and responding to them to protect the workforce.

He therefore urged members to ensure work continuity as well as ensure effective communication among themselves and clients hence deliver value for service to prospective clients.


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