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Article by: Godwin Ako Gunn

I suspect the NPP intends to use us as guinea pigs for an experiment we have not bargained for.

I am sure they are testing the elasticity or inelasticity of our anger. As if that is not enough, they have left us in our own quagmire as they fight for the heir to Nana’s thrown ahead of 2024 !!!

How people are surviving under this administration is just by the finger of God, yet the NPP doesn’t care and are neck deep in looting and milking our nation dry !!!

We are looking for the man who promised us in 2016 to partner Nana Addo to rescue us because he has worked at the bank of Ghana before.

He said with certainty that the money is there, the NDC is just using it and it is not coming down. That man is no where to be found.

The backing vocalists, the economic management team were introduced as if they had the keys to heaven on earth. Alan kyeremateng, prof Gyan Baffoe, yaw Osafo Marfo, Dr mark Osei Assibey, Dr Anthony Akoto Osei, kwaku Agyeman Manu, Ken Ofori Attah, Dr konadu Apraku, Prof Aryeetey, Dr Paul Acquah. What a solid team !!!

A solid team that produces nothing !!! The only unblemished man standing amongst the NPP is OWUSU AFRIYIE AKOTO !!! They told us they had the men !!!

The pound sterling is fast approaching 10 cedis, the fuel price has become so terrible, it keeps dribbling everyone since it broke the 8. The dollar is also approaching the 8 !!!

Dr. Bawumiah, what happened to the key you gave to the IGP? You see some of your bad judgements, an economist who can not keep an economic key, but prefer to give it to an IGP who can not even keep 2 confessed police officers who engaged in armed robbery. Heeerrr Ghana under the NPP, believe everything including people chewing their heads !!!

No wonder, Bawumia feels safe talking about digitization and not economics. Nana Bawumia, come back and speak on the economy and let digitization and IT take a rest.

You didn’t tell us you have ever worked in an IT firm. You spoke about bank of Ghana!!!

Don’t compensate your economic failures in IT, the E-levy is begging for your comment. You see how Nana has completely finished you ?

But who also advised Owusu Afriyie Akoto that the failure of Nana and Bawumia is an opportunity for him to present himself? Anokwa !!!

I think the problem of the NPP is how they see us, and how they see themselves. I am just reflecting on the 17 billionaires who stood up to contest after Kuffour’s term.

Honestly, Krom ay3shi !!! Things are really difficult. Pockets are drying, Bank accounts are being closed.

Fueling stations are visited just to put off the scary fuel lights showing on dashboards.

Let me salute every Ghanian for surviving in this difficult times. For the unemployed, I can only wish you strength to hold on !!!

When you hear a fine man saying let me see what I can do, know that kpakpakpa is not working.

What is the noise coming from the NPP social media army? If you are tired of Nana Addo and his chief of staff, please Akoto Osei is recruiting for his presidential ambition, you can consider that. Let’s have peace on the streets as we pray for better days ahead.

We won’t die da !!! We will survive it , how ever difficult it’s turning out to be!!!

Kun fa Yakun