Ninety inmates of Ghana Prisons Service graduate as Agent of Change



Report by: Ishmael Barfi


In efforts to reform inmates at the various prisons across the country to be change agents in the various prisons, ninety inmates of the Nsawam Medium Prison have graduated from a Biblical Theology and the Mindset Education Programme.

The Biblical Theology and the Mindset Education Programme is a two year programme instituted by the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) Ghana, Police and Corrections Forum (PCF), a Non-Governmental organization, Christian Leaders Fellowship-USA in partnership with Ghana Prison Service.

The colourful graduation of these ninety inmates took place on Monday 14th of March 2022 at the Prisons Headquarters, Cantonments Accra.

Ex-convert, Richard Nyarko with Rev. Dr Kim Ki-sung after his ordination

Most often, these inmates in the various prisons in the country do not have no hopes or support especially education when they are integrated into the society after serving their term in prison.

Therefore the two year Biblical Theology and the Mindset Education Programme was to equip as well as influence the change of mindset of impossibility of change of life to possibility during and after their sentence in the prisons.

And also be preachers of the word of God in the prisons and afterwards in their respective lives.

Biblical Theology and the Mindset Education Programme was instituted in the year 2019 at the Nsawam Medium Prison by the International Youth Fellowship (IYF), a Christian organization to facilitate reformation and rehabilitation of the prisons.

Ninety inmates of Ghana Prisons Service graduate as Agent of Change

The Special Guest of Honour at the colourful graduation ceremony Rev. Dr Kim Ki-sung is beneficiary of such an initiative after serving16-year jail term in South Korea and now an Ambassador of change in most prisons around the world.

Speaking at the ceremony, he charged the graduates to see themselves as an agent of change and continue to believe that, they can achieve what ever they set mind on positively.

Rev Dr Kim Ki-sung, who is also Country Director of IYF-Africa explained that, mindset education is very important in one’s life that, for someone or a country to thrive, one must change his or her mindset”.

Adding that, the world can enjoy peace, development and growth when the mindset is right and determined to make difference in the lives of people

He further indicated that, the value of the human mind is overlooked by modern society.

“Our society, which is rapidly developing, has its focus on increasing and expanding materialistic economic values, he emphasized.

Stressing that, “more emphasis is placed on quantitative expansion rather than inner values, with more and more cases of justifying the means by the ends”.

Ninety inmates of Ghana Prisons Service graduate as Agent of Change

This, he attributed to be one of the major reasons most young people end up in prison; using illegal and dubious means to earn a living.

“Through mindset education, the International Youth Fellowship precisely teaches the world of the heart and the kind of mentality that will lead inmates to a successful and happy life” he said.

Telling the success story of South Korea after the war, he revealed that, South Korea has no natural resources but rather had leaders with mindset education to build the country to its current state.

He therefore used the occasion to urge both the inmates and the audience not to ‘entertain’ the word ” impossible” but rather believe in their mind that, the word ‘possible’ is a tool to achieve in life.

Speaking on behalf of the Director-General of the Ghana Prisons Service; Mr. Isaac Kofi Egyir  stressed that, the Ghana Prisons Service is committed to charging the mindset of inmates to be good abiding citizens in and out of Prisons.

Adding that, the Mindset Education Concept is in line  with the core mandate of the  Ghana Prisons Service core mandate , hence the programme would be of great essence to the inmates.

Ninety inmates of Ghana Prisons Service graduate as Agent of Change

Expressing his profound gratitude to International Youth Fellowship and it’s partners, ex-convert, Richard Nyarko, an ex-convert who participated in the Mindset Education Concept  believes that, the programme is worth emulating in other prisons.

He therefore urged inmates to take advantage of the programme and participate  part  believing that, their lives would be improved.

The International Youth Fellowship; strives to guide young people to break free from fear, hopelessness and sin that darkens their hearts and lead them to live a happy and bright life with the “MINDSET EDUCATION CONCEPT”. Mindset Education Concept teaches the world of the heart, captures psychosocial counselling, character reforming techniques and emotional intelligence

The ninety inmates graduation marked the opening of Theology Schools in the other prison installations across the country.



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