Mahama, the Last 3 Election Results and The Pollsters Report


Article By: Godwin Ako Gunn

The Ghanaian media have elevated the 2022 EIU report far above the president who has been fingered in an organised robbery case involving 2 Ghanian ladies who have naturalized as Canadians. For a minute, I will share my opinion with the findings of the pollsters.

Research findings are very important in marketing. It is a needed tool in breaking new grounds. Even fake or sponsored research must be analyzed for competitive advantage.

Gathering data and analysing it is one thing, and understanding why a group of people behave in a particular way is also another important thing.

In 2012, John Mahama won the elections with 5.5 million votes, in 2016, the votes dropped badly to 4.7 votes which we considered a defeat.

In 2020, we were able to pull the elections to a run off; debatable as it may sound. Unprecedented in the history of our elections in Ghana for a first time president to suffer that fate. The NDC votes ballooned far above the 2012 victory figures of 5.5 million votes, to 6.3 million votes. Don’t be fooled by the results announced by Jean Mensah in her private room where she was greeting us good morning as late as 5pm. No candidate got 50% of the votes cast.

One day, I will write about why we didn’t present our figures in court to tell our story, but relied on the declaration form which is a creation of law!!! The predictions of the unanimous FC and how they have been behaving under Nana Addo, has never failed.

Watch out for another set of judges approved at the NPP Functional executive meeting and sent to the presidency for endorsement.

The last 3 elections saw His Excellency John Dramani Mahama leading the NDC. The graph of the results,will tell a better picture of what the future holds for the NDC in 2024.

Ben Ephson’s findings on the other hand endorsed John Mahama but not with a professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman ticket. I will not worry my head so much about this because thankfully, the NDC doesn’t open normination for running mates. It remains the responsibility of Mr. Mahama in consultation with the council of elders.

I am happy all the reports talk about a victory for the NDC and some with IFs and WHENs. We will not be distracted, nor be carried away. The job dey ground !!! Trust the NDC delegates any day any time.

We have 2 years ahead of us and each day is important towards victory 2024. The future is bright and positive. We can’t afford to be distracted, the way remains forward and I see better days ahead

Kun fa Yakun


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