Adhere to Ministry of National Security Directives on Terrorism-FOSDA

Story by: Ishmael Barfi


A Human Security Centered organisation, The Foundation for Security & Development in Africa (FOSDA) is urging the people of Ghana especially based organisations, event organisers, management of shopping malls and other public event to adhere to the directive given by the Ministry of National Security in the wake of last week.

According to FOSDA, it is urgent and prudent for managers of such facilities  or events to adhere rigorously to the directives of the Ministry of National Security and other National Security Agencies to safeguard lives in light of the current wave of terrorist attacks in West Africa.

This was contained in Press Release issued and signed by the Acting Executive Director of FOSDA.

“Ghana is currently surrounded by States that have suffered various degrees of terrorist  and violent extremist attacks, therefore it is important that, Ghana do everything possible to preserve their society,”FOSDA emphasized.

Visiting some places of public interest and some major churches over the weekend, FOSDA indicated that, there was a gross lack of adherence to the directive issued by the Ministry of National Security.

“Some churches reported that, there where yet to procure some security logistics such as CCTV, however, other, other churches reported that, security committees  have been formed but yet to be operational.

FOSDA through the release cautioned all and sundry to take the security directives seriously to address the related security  needs and reduces their vulnerabilities to terrorist attacks.

Adding that it is will be important for managers of public space to go the extra mile to provide security for all users of the premises.



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