FIFA reveals number of Ghanaian players involved in transfers in 2021



According to FIFA’s Global Transfer Report, Ghana was the eighth-most active player transfer market in the world in 2021.

The world’s football governing body revealed 456 players of Ghanaian nationality changed teams last year in its most recent report on transfers.

“Players of 179 different nationalities were involved in international transfers in 2021, contributing to the strong and vibrant football ecosystem all over the globe.

“The top ten nationalities alone accounted for more than 40% of all international transfers in 2021.”

Brazil had the most transfers in 2021, according to FIFA’s data, with 1,749 Brazilian footballers moving there.

With 837 transfers, Argentina comes in second, followed by Britain with 837 transfers, France with 772 transfers, and Colombia with 653 transfers.

The top 10 nations with the most player transfers are completed by Nigeria (624), Spain (537), Ghana (456), Serbia (446) and the Netherlands (408).

Ghana, however, was not among the top nations with the highest player values despite being one of the nations with the most transfers last year.

That is reserved for France, whose players accrued $643 million in transfer fees in 2021, Brazilian footballers accrued $468.4 million in transfer fees, while Spain came in third with $307 million in transfer fees.

“There was relatively good balance between the number of incoming and outgoing transfers for both European and South American clubs, but only European clubs kept this balance between the transfer fees paid and received, whereas clubs from CONMEBOL received more than seven times more than they spent.

“Clubs from the AFC also spent more than 150% more than they received. Clubs from Concacaf and the AFC spent and received similar amounts, but Concacaf had significantly fewer incoming and outgoing transfers,” FIFA’s report added.


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