Ghana is facing Economic Coup d’etat- Clergy discloses



Story by: William Sarpong


Religious bodies in Ghana has warned that, the nation is seriously facing what they described as “Environmental Coup D’etat due to the activities of illegal mining (galamsey).

They made this known at a press conference organized by the Clergy against the devastating rate at which the country’s water bodies are being destroyed through illegal mining activities by some unscrupulous persons.

The Religious bodies comprises; Christian Council of Ghana, Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, Office of the National Chief Imam and Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana, National Association of Charismatic and Christian Churches and others.

The Clergy expressed their concern about the devastation of water bodies by illegal mining (galamsey) which is affecting the health of the citizenry as well as socio-economic life of the country now and in the future.

They described the destructions being caused by this menace to the country’s forest and water bodies as wicked and greediness.

They further indicated that, there is an ongoing massive cutting down of cash crops in large scale, degrading of land, and polluting of river and water bodies with mining chemicals like Mercury, cyanide and chlorine, thereby killing aquatic life including fishes.

” Our eco- systems are being destroyed irreversibly; our soils are contaminated with poisonous chemicals which are very difficult if not impossible to clean them up whiles our people are drinking dangerously polluted water. Some of our Mission Hospitals are recording increased strange diseases”.

Adding that, “Some women are reportedly being treated for cervical and uterus cancers, which they revealed that, such cases has increased

As well as men and children being diagnosed with kidney diseases, adding that, the rate of stillbirths is on the high and the annual average turbidity values of rivers and other fresh water bodies affected by galamsey activities is very alarming”.

The Religious Leaders said, it is the mandate and responsibility of every Ghanaian to keep the environment safe.

The Clergy therefore, call on individuals, civil society, religious and traditional institutions and all other well-meaning Ghanaians to stand up the challenge and work to preserve the nation’s environment from the manace of galamsey.

They also admonished opinion leaders and the youth in the communities to speak up and report illegal mining activities in their localities to the relevant authorities.

“We also urge our Pastors and other faith leaders to use their pulpits to preach against the evils of galamsey in the country”.

The Clergy however averred that, Parliamentarians, Ministers of State, MMDCEs, Assemblymen and women and other government agents in the localities Including traditional authorities, cannot attribute the menace to the ignorance of the people who are involved in the galamsey.

They called for a week of fasting and prayers to pray for change of hearts and for God’s mercy upon the nation for the destructions of the environment.

They also called for the immediate ban of all small scale mining whether licensed or not, until a workable and satisfactory road map is agreed upon and established to ensure responsible mining in the country.

They further called for an immediate national stakeholders dialogue under the auspices of religious leaders (while the ban is in place) to dialogue with all political parties mining technocrats, the media, traditional leaders and other stakeholders to commit to a non-partisan National Strategy to strategically deal with the national canker before the nation sink.

Again, called on government to swiftly arrest and prosecute all those involved in galamsey activities across the country without fear or favour to serve as deterrent to others.

They entreated religious leaders to wear red armband to show their deep concern for the destruction of the environment through galamsey activities.

The Clergy used the presser to call for the arrest and immediate prosecution of any Chief who permits galamsey activities within his jurisdiction for any reason.

And also gave an ultimatum to MMDCEs in the country to ensure that water bodies that have been polluted because of illegal mining activities within their sphere of governance are clean by June, 30th, 2022.

“We have realized that galamsey is preventing the youth from going to school. We call on all well-meaning Ghanaians to immediately report any child of school going age who is involved in galamsey activities in their communities to the appropriate authorities and also to their respective religious leaders”.

They assured the public and government of their commitment to lead a sustained national moral crusade and public education in partnership with all other stakeholders in various Churches and Mosques across the country to appeal to the moral conscience of Ghanaians for a change of attitude towards the environment.


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