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African Climate Reality Project Advocates for Climate Justice and Equity at COP28 in Dubai

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Story by: Ishmael Barfi



As world leaders and decision-makers gather in Dubai for the 28th United Nations Conference (COP28), The African Climate Reality Project (ACRP), has called for ambitious commitments to the equitable phase out of fossil fuels, fair financing, and adaptation to be placed higher on the agenda.

According to ACRP, “As Africans, we call for the capitalisation of the Loss & Damage fund. Some regions on the continent are already experiencing the impacts of the climate crisis, and are owed a historical debt”.

This was contained in a press release issued on 29th November, 2023 in Dubai ahead of COP28 commencement today, 30th November, 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Meanwhile, the release recognised the discussions that are ongoing regarding operationalising the fund, however, reiterated the concern about the governance, independence and effectiveness of the progress.

“We maintain that it must operate transparently, with easily accessible accountability mechanisms. The fund must ensure that those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change are able to access financing for Loss & Damage events, in a timely manner”, the release demanded.


To see the fulfilment of the above, The African Climate Reality Project outlined the following to be prioritised:


Reducing Emissions:

At COP28 we want to see an agreement to equitably phase out all fossil fuels. ACRP emphasises the need to triple renewable energy capacity, double progress on energy efficiency, and phase out fossil fuels equitably. We reject the dash for gas in Africa, highlighting its neocolonial practices. The reduction of emissions must be done equitably, through a phase out, and a just transition that leaves no worker or community behind.


Increase Climate Finance

There is an urgency to increase climate finance substantially and deliver on prior commitments of $100 billion per year to ensure developing countries have the funding to create thriving clean energy economies and address climate impacts. At ACRP we recognise that there is a knowledge gap when it comes to climate finance, and believe it is important to bridge that gap and equip communities and the public with the tools to understand it and effectively participate in finance consultations.  


Reforming Future COP Processes:

COP processes must be fair and equitable, with no room for fossil fuel interests to block progress towards meeting the Paris Agreement goals. It is a blatant conflict of interest that this year’s  COP president, Sultan al-Jaber, is the head of the national oil company. ACRP demands a more transparent agenda-setting process that involves parties and climate experts.

“We look forward to engaging with our Climate Leaders and other Civil Society Organisations and stakeholders as we work towards a just and sustainable future for generations to come, in order to build #TheAfricaWeWant”, the release concluded.



The African Climate Reality Project (ACRP), is the Africa Branch of global organisation The Climate Reality Project, and a program of Food and Trees for Africa. The branch was founded in 2014 in South Africa, and works with climate leaders across the continent who organise local activities and days of action. ACRP also works with governments, NGOs, and scientists in Africa to create tools and resources to support a network of active citizens who mobilise communities to find solutions to climate change and call on world leaders for more ambitious action.