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Minority’s opposition to tax exemption a clear sabotage of job creation agenda – Richard Ahiagbah

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The Communications Director of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Richard Ahiagbah, has criticised the Minority in Parliament for opposing the government’s request for a tax waiver exceeding $449 million.

Mr Ahiagbah described the Minority’s decision as reckless and irresponsible, calling for condemnation from all Ghanaians.

He argued that the actions of NDC MPs were aimed at obstructing the government’s job creation agenda outlined in the 2024 fiscal policy.

In a statement posted on X on Saturday, March 9, the NPP’s Communications Director asserted that the Minority intentionally placed the country in a lose-lose situation through their actions.

Mr Ahiagbah urged the Ghanaian populace to hold them accountable and discourage behaviours detrimental to the country’s growth.

“The NDC has activated a hyper-obstructive mode to sabotage the government’s implementation of the 2024 fiscal policy, and Ghanaians must roundly condemn the NDC for that reckless decision.”

“Yesterday [Friday] in Parliament, the NDC put the people of Ghana in a lose-lose situation with their selfish demand to swap the $449 million tax exemption before the House under Act 1083 for the passage of the $300 million First Resilient Recovery Development Policy Financing, a 2024 budget support facility. It was a situation of trading your mother for your wife or your father for your husband; either way, you are losing,” he posted on X.

On Friday, March 9, Parliament gave its approval for a $300 million loan from the World Bank, intended to bolster the First Resilient Recovery Development Policy Financing.

This funding plays a pivotal role in supporting the government’s execution of outlined policies in the 2024 budget.

Initially encountering resistance from the Minority, who tied their support to the government retracting its request for a tax waiver exceeding $449 million, the loan ultimately gained approval.

Finance Minister Mohammed Amin Adam reassured the Minority of his dedication to reevaluating the tax exemption appeals within a two-week time-frame, paving the way for the loan’s eventual endorsement.



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