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Accra officially declared city of sports for the entire African continent until 2023 African Games

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In a historic proclamation at the Fourth Specialized Technical Committee on Youth, Culture, and Sports (STC-YCS4), Accra has been officially crowned the City of Sports for the entire African continent until the next African Games.

This prestigious designation is a resounding tribute to the unwavering dedication of the Government of Ghana to the advancement and promotion of sports.

The announcement marks a significant milestone in Accra’s journey as a hub for athletic prowess and underscores the city’s commitment to fostering excellence in sports.

The collective efforts of all those involved in shaping Accra’s sporting landscape have culminated in this momentous achievement, making it a cause for celebration and pride.

As Accra is hosting African Games 2023 from March 8 to March 23, 2024, the City of Sports designation serves as a beacon, highlighting the city’s capability to orchestrate a world-class sporting spectacle.

Congratulations echo across the nation, recognizing the collaborative spirit that has propelled Accra to the forefront of African sportsmanship.





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