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Customers’ Indebtedness Impacting GWL Operations

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Story by: Ishmael Barfi 


The indebtedness of customers according to the Management of Ghana Water Ltd (GWL) is harming the operations of the company.

Though Management acknowledges the critical role water plays in the daily lives of Ghanaians, and as a utility company mandated by law to ensure access to clean water, the company is committed to providing reliable services, the company is however persistently faced with a challenge of indebtedness from customers.

This was contained a press release issued and signed by the Chief Manager, PR & Communication of the çompay, Stanley Martey today, 15th April,2024 in Accra.

“Over the past years, GWL has observed a concerning trend of accumulating arrears from some customers, posing significant financial strain on the company’s operations” the release lamented.

The release further stated that despite various efforts to address this issue through revenue mobilization exercises, “operation pay or get disconnected” campaigns, announcements, advertisements, payment reminders, and flexible payment plans, the problem persists.

“The accumulated debts hinder GWL’s ability to sustain its operations efficiently, including maintaining existing systems, infrastructure, uninterrupted services, and undertaking expansion projects to provide essential water services to the unserved and underserved communities”, it noted.

The Management of Ghana Water Ltd through the release urged all its cherished customers to fulfill their financial obligations promptly.

Adding “The revenue generated from water bills is crucial for sustaining and improving the water infrastructure and our services across the country”.

“The company aims to collaborate with customers to find feasible solutions, including implementing flexible payment arrangements for those with substantial debts and obvious challenges.
By this release, Customers are being notified, that the company will use all legal means possible to retrieve all arrears”.

Payments of water bills can be made at all Ghana Water Company Ltd Offices and Revenue Collection Points, via the GWCL Customer App, mobile money payment platforms such as Telecel cash, MTN MOMO, AT cash, Slydepay, Express pay, and all GWL partnered banks across the country. Follow the mobile money payment process’ on your network and pay your bills in comfort.

The public is also encouraged to contact GWL via WhatsApp on these numbers; 0555123393, 0555155524, or call 0207385089, 0207385090 for any enquiries.

The toll-free line is 0800 40 000 for Telecel mobile and land lines only and 0302 218240 for all other networks. The cooperation of the public is greatly appreciated.

Customers who fail to fulfill their financial obligations to GWL by the end of May 2024, will have their names, including company names and amount owed published in the national dailies and be subject to legal action to ensure compliance with payment requirements.



Source: www.thenewindependentonline.com

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