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PNC refutes claims of widespread resignations, condemns establishment of new party, PNP

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The People’s National Convention (PNC) has refuted recent reports suggesting that a significant portion of its National Executive Committee members have resigned to establish a new political entity, the People’s National Party (PNP).

In an official statement released on Wednesday, April 17, the PNC, represented by National Communications Secretary Awudu Ishaq, dismissed these claims as misleading.

It also urged its members to remain loyal amidst what it characterised as deceptive manoeuvres orchestrated by the former General Secretary, Janet Nabila, and her associates.

The PNC vehemently denied assertions that eleven out of sixteen regions endorsed the formation of the purported PNP.

The party labelled such assertions as baseless fabrications intended to mislead the public and sow discord within its ranks.

“The PNC calls on the rank and file of the party most especially our branch, constituency and regional executives to stay resolute and avoid the temptation to be swayed by the disgruntled former General Secretary and her cabal who have always resorted to all manner of lies in their attempt to bring down the PNC for their selfish and self-seeking agenda.

“The party hereby states that the alleged support of this decision by eleven out of sixteen regions is a blatant lie intended to mislead the general public into believing that the supposed new political party is worth its sort. Furthermore, the decision to adopt the People’s National Party amounts to an illegality since the PNC is an offshoot of the PNP.

Furthermore, the PNC condemned the establishment of the PNP, asserting its illegitimacy due to its origins as a derivative of the original PNP.

It underscored its commitment to upholding its historical integrity and preventing any unauthorised use of its name or likeness.

The party also emphasised its resolve to maintain unity and cohesion among its members while rejecting any attempts at division or fragmentation.

“To this end, we shall use every legitimate and legal avenue available to us to stop the use of the name PNP,” part of the statement read.

“… As much as the party needs every single member to grow its numbers, we are unfazed by the decision by any person or group of persons to voluntarily leave the party especially when their conduct has proven to be inimical to the fortunes of the party.”


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