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‘If they can even scam God, why not us?’ – Doyoe Cudjoe on possible listing of Ada on govt’s Performance Tracker

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Member of Parliament for Ada, Comfort Doyoe Cudjoe-Ghansah, has called on her constituents to reject the ruling New Patriotic Party in retaliation to the lack of development in the constituency by the government.

The legislator says all projects in the constituency were lobbied by her office, with some started by the erstwhile NDC administration.

As a Member on Parliament’s Committee on Education, she says most of the projects in the constituency are education-related under GETFund projects which the government cannot take credit for.

She explains the Fund, which is a brainchild of former President Rawlings, cannot sponsor any project to the credit of the NPP even if they are in government, just as the NPP has claimed every credit for the National Health Insurance, including gains made under the project in the NDC’s era.

The Member of Parliament, speaking on Onua TV’s morning show, Maakye, Monday, April 29, 2024, indicated that the NPP government cannot pride itself for constructing any roads in the constituency aside from a funeral grounds in one of her communities they covered with bitumen.

“They have abandoned all the roads they touched in the constituency. When you go to Kasei, they have abandoned the bridge and whenever it rains, the residents homes get flooded. This is disaster caused by human. It is not because they have built in waterways but due to the bridge. These are the priorities of our people and I know they are going to be relieved of them since this government is on its way out of power,” she told Yaa Titi Okrah, sit-in host for the show, in Twi.

She continued that, the government is aware it cannot add Ada constituency to places it prides itself for constructing roads at. However, she would not be surprised to see some of the areas listed in the government’s Performance Tracker since this administration is expert in scamming.

“If this government prides itself for constructing most roads than any government in Ghana, Ada is not part. I don’t think I’ll see Ada in their list of roads. Ada is not part of the One District One Factory,” adding that it was the previous NDC administration that began a solar project through then Energy Minister, Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah, which the NPP now takes as part of its projects.

“Ada people know they haven’t done anything and if we find those things in their tracker, we wouldn’t be surprised because they even scammed God what about us?,” she said.

Her description of the government scamming God is in reference to the National Cathedral project which is in limbo after the President promised God that he was going to build it as a thanksgiving to Him for making him win the elections.

The MP also complained of numerous appeals she made to former Roads Minister, Kwasi Amoako Atta, which all fell in deaf ears.

“Ada roads is zero. His [Kwasi Amoako Attah] wife is an Ada so he called me his younger wife and I used to use that to lobby him to give us just a kilometer of road but he never did. I have lobbied for projects as a member of the Education Committee and Leader and they still use that as part of their achievements,” she alleged.




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