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University of Ghana Business School Launches New Software Curriculum

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Report By: Ishmael Barfi

To assist students in coping with the required technological skills required by industry players, the University of Ghana Business School has launched accounting software.

According to the Dean of the Business School, Prof. Justice Bawole, traditional Accounting requires students should be trained in bookkeeping records, using the manual academic system thereby, ending up training students who cannot cope with the modern usage of technology in various industries.

Disclosing this in an interview with the media at the official launch of the software on campus, he noted that the school through its feedback mechanisms receives companies’ unique accounting standards which students must obtain before entering the job market.

“We have therefore restrategised as a school, and have decided to equip students with technological skills with a curriculum of numerous accounting software that would be used to train students on how to use them”. he indicated.

He further explained the new software prepares students for any industry stressing “So if you recruit a student from the Business School who has done BSC Administration Accounting option, you are rest assured of the necessary competencies to connect and work in harmony with your accounting team and give you value”.

The launch of the accounting curriculum software he mentioned, would help reduce the time spent by students to integrate into companies and also help reduce the amount of money used to train staff.

Prof. Bawole averred that the Business School has a set of computers to support students who don’t have one.

According to him, Lecturers have created scenarios for students and taken them through the processes of how to use the various components of the software so that, by the time they leave school, they would be confident and useful to companies that need their services.

Prof. Justice Bawole explained that the Business School provides students with the practical component in their coursework and makes sure they study the practical teaching which gives them the foundation.

In that regard, he reiterated that students of Ghana Business School do not only study theory, but engage in practicals that enhance and improve the students’ capacities and skills.

“The theory of the practice is that we will open the door and say, if you go do this, do that. So, we have taken steps to procure laptops. Currently, we have over 200 laptops. So at any point in time, 200 students learning have a laptop”.

He added that, “Every weekend, we do three sessions on Friday, and three sessions on Saturday. So three sessions on Friday of 200 means that, you have 600 students at a time and on the following day, 600 students. So we are expanding to make sure that every student gets to experience it”.




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