Following numerous public outcry over the bad sanitation situation in Accra Central, a close confidant of the President Robert Tetteyfio-Adjase is demanding the immediate removal of Mayor of Accra Mohamed Adjei Sowah from office.

He said, the government appointee has lost control over solid waste management in the capital.

According to the New Patriotic Party faithful, Accra being the national capital must be seen providing some example for others to emulate.

Mr Tetteyfio Adjase further stressed that, all lorry parks in the Metropolis are stinky and engulfed in filth; against which he concluded the Mayor, Mohamed Adjei Sowah is not in charge.

He revealed that, the ceremonial streets are bushy and that, places that have been cleared are left without any sign that the rubbish would be collected anytime soon.

“Unauthorized structures most common are bill boards, springing up each and day and this has become a huge problem” he said.

“Even there are places one can find stray animals crossing our streets” he again said with anger.

According to him, some churches have now turned into making noises without any control meanwhile the Assembly has bylaws that it can use to deal with that situation by regulating all forms of pollution including noise.

He says the President must not waste hard earned resources to pay abysmal performer within his government and further advised that the President crack the whip by relinquishing the Accra Mayor of his position so it serve as deterrent to others.

Source: thenewindependentonline.com

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