Korle-Bu Chest And Disease Centre Gets Facelift as MP and Wife Renovates the Centre

The female ward of the Chest and Disease Centre of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital has seen some renovations, hence makes the centre patient friendly.

The renovation made by the Member for Parliament Ayawaso East Constituency, Mc Naser Mahama Toure, with support from Aminaser Company Limited, headed by the wife, Mrs. Amina Mahama Toure is as a result of an appeal made by one Dr.Jane Afriyie Mensah.

Mr. Toure made this known during a press briefing after officially handing over the renovated centre to Dr. Patrick Adjei, head of the department.

This gesture he says was made possible when Dr. Jane Afriyie Mensah who attends to him whenever he visits the facility for checkups, requested of him to help renovate the female ward of the centre.

Revealing that, the female ward was an eye-saw to receive patients who come there to seek for healthcare that, the situation was so worrying that together with his wife, Hajia Amina, who heads Aminaser Company Limited renovated the ward.

The renovation of the centre by the lawmaker is a contribution of the Mahama Toure family to the premium hospital.

Meanwhile, Doctors, Metrons and the Nurses present expressed their appreciation of the Mahama Toure family gesture and were happy to be part of the commissioning of the transformed unit one finds it difficult to visit in the past due to its bad state.

In an exclusive interview with thenewindependentonline.com, a senior lecturer and head of the Neurologist, Department at the Centres, Dr. Patrick Adjei, noted that the renovation of the unit was the first time in five decades since the facility was constructed.

Dr. Adjei who was appreciative for what the MP and his wife have done indicated that such was what happens in other countries; and in some cases people adopt wards which are named after them or their family.

Therefore promised that, the ‘new’ chest and disease centre would be properly takecare of, especially now that the maintenance culture of the hospital has been improved tremendously, and considering the quality materials used for the work.

Dr. Adjei also pointed out that the facility as it stands now has the capacity to meet the needs of the patients who come there to seek for healthcare.

Dr. Jane Afriyie Mensah who is a consultant for the Chest and Disease Centre of the Korle-Bu on her part indicated that the 14 bed capacity for female ward is enough, however, the male ward she noted is tripled compared to the female ward.

Expressing her joy, Dr. Afriyie disclosed that, the centre is now not constraint, and now have enough beds at their unit.

The Aminaser Company Limited, headed by the wife of the lawmaker, Hajia Amina Mahama Toure rehabilitated the whole fourteen 14 bed capacity female ward, bathrooms and toilet facilities including two nurses’ changing and rest rooms.

Story By: Edudzi Komla Amenuveve

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