GACC trains Multi-Stakeholders on Procurement Legislation and Open contracting

In efforts to ensure value for money and citizen participation in contracting in Africa, a project by the Ghana Anti-Corruptiob Coalition (GACC) in partnership with the Africa Freedom for Information Centre (AFIC)has taken place in Accra.

The main aim of the project to be implemented by the two bodies dubbed “Strengthening Disclosure and Citizen Participation to improve Value for Money in Public Contracting in Africa (Ghana)” is to increase government’s commitment to the open contracting principles it signed under the Open Governance Participation (OGP).

Furthermore, the project seeks an open government machinery that will disclose information on contracting and public procurement as well as ensure Multi-Stakeholder training on public procurement legislation, open contracting and the use of the open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS).

Therefore workshop was to equip participants with skills and needed knowledge that aligns with the OCDS and its application at all procurement stages.

The outcome expectation of the training is to increase the knowledge of public, private institutions and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) on the provisions of the Public-Private Agreement (PPA) Act in public contracting and delivering of public services as well increase the knowledge of public and private institutions and CSOs on (OCDS) and its use.

Meanwhile, Ghana Electronic Procurement Systems (GhNEPS) is targeted at improving efficient and transparency in Public Procurement.

Speaking at the Multi-Stakeholders’ workshop, Mrs. Rhoda Appiah, the Chief Manager for Corporate and Facilities Management at the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) revealed that, they intends to help educate stakeholders and the general public on  how to embark on Procurement processes to achieve affective outcomes.

“Open Contracting Partnership reforms is targeted at  taking Stakeholders through a two-day training and discussion sections which would enable them (Stakeholders) to know about the details; processes and requirements that goes into procurement”, she opined.

Acknowledging that, the training is more importantly targeted at seeing how the general public can be engaged in the procurement processes with information and guidelines, instructions on procurement.

Mrs. Appiah noted that they (PPA) have shared with participants some reforms that have been embarked on in Public Procurement.

“We talked about what the key reform areas have been with regards to its perspective to open up government  procurement systems: that is making it more accessible to all persons and ensuring that the conduct of procurement is done in a transparent and fair manner ” She noted.

The William and Flora Hewlet Foundation supported the project with funds.

Story By: Delali Gavor

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