Mama Pat. eulogizes Mad. Pelosi

The visit of the Hon. Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Mad. Nancy Patricia Pelosi has been eulogized by the Deputy Minister of the Environment and Science.

Thr Deputy Minister who is also the Member of Parliament for Asokwa, (MP) Mad. Patricia Appiagyei indicated that, the Speaker been a woman is worth acknowledging stressing the need to use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to enhance women related issues, hence the realization of these goals since women plays a critical role in every aspect of life.

“I am glad Mad. Nancy Patricia Pelosi has admonished Ghana to work assiduously to ensure that all forms of diseases are eliminated in the country as well”, she opined.

Mad. Pelosi been the first female Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the deputy Minister said, it gives positive indications on the need to adapt the SDGs to empower women on the continent, especially Ghana.

Which Speaker of the Representatives indicated that; “it is also incumbent on the West African nations to ensure that all has access to good quality healthcare, stressing that healthcare is a right for everyone not a privilege for just a few”.

Revealing that, she Mad. Appiagyei was enthused when Mad. Pelosi addressed the Parliament of Ghana on a number of issues where she urged the former British Colony to take issues of the environment very seriously and work towards protecting it.

Issues of climate change, immigration with its attendance effects, should be a concern to all since they are very critical towards our survival in today’s world, she stressed.

Notwithstanding, the Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives called on Ghana to work hard to ensure that there is justice for all, the Deputy Minister and lawmaker recounted.

Story By: Delali Gavor

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